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I recently purchased a USB MALE TO IEEE 1394 6 PIN FIREWIRE TRAVEL CABLE to install my M-AUDIO FIREWIRE 410 to my laptop. The cable did not came with a driver and I've been trying to find it on google and have not found it. Can someone help please. Thanks in advanced.
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  1. shouldn't need a driver as it is a hardware change inside the cable itself.

    Check M-Audio's website for the driver for the interface.
  2. Daniel thanks for trying to help. I have the right driver for the interface which I got from M-Audios web site. But there is not a connection between my interface and my laptop. I belive I do need the driver for the cable buddy.
  3. Who is the manufacturer of the cable?

    You are right, after a bit of digging, you do need a driver.
  4. Daniel the cable does not come with any serial number or who the manufacture is. That's what's making it so hard for me to find the driver. I've google it a thousand time but nothing. When I connect the cable to the laptop it doesn't even make the little noise you hear when you put in a usb memory flash. I will be looking online if you come up with something let me know buddy I really appreciate the help.
  5. What is in the package:

    USB to IEEE 1394 4 to 6 pin Firewire i-Link DV Cable PC×1

    hhhmm I'm wondering if i-Link is the manufacture?
  6. No is not.. i-Link is another name for Firewire.
  7. Hi there,

    Did you manage to sort out the problem with the link and did it get the 410interphase to work?

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