Laptop for gaming, split decision.

Currently I am looking to buy a laptop for gaming, and watching movies while I lie down ect.

I have narrowed the selection down to two laptops,
The MSI FX620DX ( )

And a REFURBISHED ASUS G Series G51VX-RX05 ( )

The ASUS has a much better graphics chip then the MSI, but its a Core2Duo 2ghz, vs a nice new sandy bridge dual core 2.3ghz.

Battery life is irrelevant for if I ever travel for I rarely do, I can just bring a spare laptop battery.

The only thing that worries me is the fact that the ASUS is a REFURBISHED unit, and only comes with a NINETY day warranty. Whilst the MSI comes with a 4x longer warranty at one year, take in mind I take VERY good care of laptops, and I believe if any problems were to arise from the refurbished ASUS, it would begin well within 90 days.

Lastly, the price. The ASUS is an entire $190 less then the MSI laptop!

I am much leaning towards the ASUS one, but it would be fantastic if the community could provide any suggestions or even alternative laptops.
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  1. I only have but a few days left to make this decision, so if anyone has any suggestions i'd be great to say them now.
  2. For gaming the Asus definitely looks better the warranty period worries me though since I have used warranty (actually extended) on all my laptop purchases except one. That includes 2 x HP, 1 x Dell and 2 x Asus netbooks (Asus with in regular 1 year warranty)
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