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Hello,Iam nt a Professional .
i ve 3 PCs in my house
and 1 DSL router all PCS are connected to it.. my brother start download Movies and i can;t play online games..
can i limit the speed of download of my brother's Pc ?
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  1. You can't with a domestic router.

    Instead if your brother's downloading, access the router's setup screens and reboot the router. That'll chuck him off and as he's probably not watching the computer he won't notice til later. You can get the same effect by setting up Wireless Access List (which includes or excludes users by the MAC ID of their equipment). Brother annoying you, activate Access List.

    Tom's takes no responsibility if he gives you a good hiding when he finds out.
  2. Whatever illicit way he is downloading the movies (I'm guessing bittorrent), should have a bandwidth limit in the software so it does not grab the max it can. Check in the options. Or you can always turn him into the RIAA then you can even have his stuff when they cart him off in chains.
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