Need help with front audio jacks p8z77 pro mb.

Hello everyone... I have been searching and trying to find a solution to this problem but so far have come up short. I have an asus p8z77 pro motherboard and corsair 400r case. I am trying to get my turtlebeach x 12 headset to work via the audio and mic jacks on the front of the case. I have searched and been told to go into bio component settings and chance audio source from hd to AC97. Doing so I am able to recognize that the headphone are plugged in via windows but can't record sound and it doesnt recognize that headphone are plugged it.. This is becomming quite an issue as I would love the convenience of being able to use front audio jacks while gaming .. if anyone can suggest anything that might help I would greatly appeciate it . Thank you .
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  1. Do you try from sound driver? Select disable front panel jack detection from sound driver.
  2. I had the same problem with both front and back jacks. In my case it was caused by an NVidia sound driver being installed with my GTX 670, and disabling this cured it. I've notififed both NVidia and ASUS, but I doubt they'l issue a general warning about this problem....
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