--------------------( 4 cases ) which one is get !!! ENTER

*which one you recommend and :

- Thermaltake V4 black edition

- NZXT Gamma

- Cooler Master Elite 430

- NZXT Beta Evo case

i will be using the PC for long time Gaming with no extra fans

MSI GTX 560 Ti twin forza II

amd phenom ii x4 955

Thermal take TR-500w

ASUS M5A78L am3+ ATX
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  1. thermaltake v4 black edition!!!!
  2. all four will do the job, get the one you like looking at the best.

    my personal choice would be the CM elite 430
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    I own a Thermaltake V3 (very similar to the V4) and I'm pretty satisfied. The Cooler Master case doesn't look too bad either.

    It might just be me, but those two NZXT cases look kind of ugly (especially the Gamma). Wouldn't want to look at that every day.

    Kind of a toss up between the Thermaltake and the Cooler Master. Try flipping a coin.

    I flipped one for you, go for the V4.
  4. The Coolermaster or the Thermal take.....whichever you like better.
  5. thanks every one .. am gonna go for the Thermaltake V4 BE
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