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Hey guys,

I'm a first-time computer builder, and having an issue with my mobo. As in the title, it is an ASUS M5A97 Evo board. It was working fine until I attempted to update the BIOS, at which point the computer restarted, and I was no longer able to get any display on the monitor. It receives no signal. I thought that updating the BIOS would help me install drivers for my graphics card, which I can't use until they're installed. I guess that was a bad choice--now I can't use anything at all :ange:

I touched the two prong-things together, per the advice of a friend, for 15 seconds. Nothing changed.

I called ASUS tech support, who told me to remove the battery for 60 seconds. Again, no change.

I rebooted the PC and held the reset button on my case for 10 seconds while it loaded. Once more, no conceivable motheboard reset happened.

ASUS said they are going to send me a new board because of a possible corrupted BIOS. I expect it to arrive in a few days. But I was wondering if there are any other methods that I may have overlooked while trying to reset my board.

Thanks for any response!
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  1. Hi, your bios is corrupted. So reset is not working for you.

    Never try to update bios in your thought. Before updating bios consult to expert as improper bios update damage mobo. Also bios update has nothing to do with driver or performance. It can only help for better cpu support/ocing cpu and latest mobo feature.
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