Antec 300 Illusion front audio not working

Hi all, I've been using my antec 300 for over a year now, and I finally had a need to use headphones. Put some into the front panel (that i know work), but no sound came out and the computer doesnt detect them either. The same thing happened with the mic port. The front USB have been working perfectly. There are two outputs for sound on my mobo (MSI p55-gd65) Ac'97 and hd audio, and I have tried both. If anybody else has had a problem like this and knows how to fix it, thatd be awesome! Been using teamspeak lately and its a pain to plug my turtle beaches into the back of the computer every time.

Thanks everyone!

To a forum mod, sorry if this is in the wrong section. I thought it should go in cases.
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  1. make sure the audio cable from the case is properly inserted into the mobo's audio port (check your mobo manual for exact location)
  2. if i plug in ac'97, nothing comes out. if i plug in the hd audio, it sounds like theres a TON of interference, not sure if its from a defective piece or since the audio cable is wired poorly due to short length
  3. do you have an aftermarket soundcard installed?
  4. Posting from my phone, don't think I'm logged in. I do not have an aftermarket soundcard.
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