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Does Nvidia make the card or just the chip?


NVIDIA is a chip maker, not a video card maker, am I correct? I notice ASUS, PNY, ZOTEC, etc. are the company that makes the card and it uses an "NVIDIA" chip, correct?

So, theoretically Zotec, ASUS, etc, may all make say the NVIDIA 460 card? Does it matter which company makes it or is this subjective and feature driven?

thanks, kind of new to graphics cards.
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  1. Nvidia makes the chip not the cards your are correct but they do make a few reference cards to give to companies to do reviews before the card hits shevles.Nvidia gives the companies the deisgn on how to make the card and chip and the companies are then free to deisgn it anyway they like as long as Nvidia gets a profit from it.

    Yes those companies make the same card but they make O.C. versions and aftermarket heastinks.
  2. nVidia makes the chip and a basic fan for the chip. Other companies, like those you listed, take this model and make it better by adding a better fan, OC'ing it and some other small stuff.

    Yeah, buying from different companies is mostly subjective but it can also be a matter of like, is their customer supprt response good? Do they respect their warranties? Do a lot of their cards come DOA? (dead on arrival) Other than the company's reputation, its really just preference. Oh, some companies have different fans on their cards so they might need a different PSU or less/more coolers.
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    They make neither. TSMC makes the chips, which other companies put into cards. Nvidia only designs the chips, they make nothing. Now that AMD has spun off their fabs, I can only think of Intel and Texas Instruments as people who actually make the chips they design.
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