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I'm going nuts. What is the SB_Fan1 header for? I finally found out that PWR_Fan1 header means fan will always run at 100% (be nice if the mobo manual mentioned that), but i can't for the life of me figure out what SB designates! Al it mentions in the manual is "SB_Fan1 supports Quiet FAN". Near as i can tell that is a CPU fan feature, which I assumed would be controlled by the CPU_Fan1 header. What am I missing!?
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  1. What is your mobo model?
  2. Extreme 6/gb

    Jeez, I can't believe I left it off.
  3. i THINK it is for a south bridge fan, regardless I'm sticking a side case fan on it as it's one of only 2 headers capable of automatic settings.
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    SB_Fan1 header is for south bridge fan which is already installed on mobo. You dont need to install any fan on sb_fan1 header.
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