Installing a low profile video card(picture included)

Hey guys, im planning to get this card:

for my small acer PC. Does it look like it will fit inside my computer? theres some wires that look like they might be in the way.

Also, I will be needing to use the VGA adapter for my monitor. Will it have enough slack to stretch to the backside of the card since that is where the extra slot is?

And one more thing, will my 220W PSU be able to support this card?

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  1. im actually not worried about that. sorry, that pic is decieving, i shot it at an angle and makes it looked blocked, but there actually is space there. also, why would they put a pci-e slot if it wasnt usable?
  2. That card should work fine for you. Yes, the VGA port does have enough slack to be placed in the PCI-Ex1 slot. The 220 watt power supply *should* be enough to power the card.

    -Wolf sends
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