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I recently posted a thread asking people if my GPU needed to be updated in order to play SCII smoothly. I was told that my CPU needed to be upgraded and that my motherboard should support the new AM3 processors if I get the available flash update.

here is the original thread

So i updated my bios and bought the new AMD phenom II x4 955

I installed it today and I am getting a mere 800MHZ core clock speed (supposed to get 3.2ghz)

I have no idea what is wrong.

this processor uses the same wattage as my old phenom 2.3 ghz quad core, so I dont think its a power issue.

Any help would be very much appreciated!!!!



4gb gaming ram Corsair
AMD Phenom II X4 955
Sapphire Radeon 4850
biostar TA790gx3 A2+
rosewill 500w PSU
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  1. Do you have cool and quiet enabled in bios?
  2. I tried to find it in the bios and I couldnt...however i am running prime95 as we speak with CPUZ and the processor wont go over 800.2 MHZ
  3. Is it detected correctly and what is the multiplier set at?
  4. got me too. 800mhz is a number i haven't heard in forever. I guess first i'd try the resetting everything with the clear cmos jumper. then making very sure everything is plugged in nice and tight. Then checking all your bios settings. But thats all really, i don't know what to do trouble shooting square 1.

    Can you get a cpu-z screenshot cause i'd love to see that personally.
  5. please do recheck all my specs and make sure there is nothing im missing
  6. rolli59, i think i answered your questions, but please tell me if i missed something
  7. your multiplier is stuck at 4x running prime95, there is your problem. And your core voltage seems unusually low. get them both where they should be in the bios. off hand i think the vcore is 1.35 and i'm not sure what the multi is on them, probally between 13.5 and 15.5. i'm sure someone under me will know for sure.
  8. does anyone have any idea why those things wouldnt just fix themselves?

    btw, sorry, that last pic of cpuz was without prime95 running

    this is with it running
  9. The first thing I noticed is the highest supported PhenomII is 945
    Try setting your speed (multiplier) manually in BIOS or if you have performance setting select it.
  10. Why dosen't it? someone messed up somewhere its seeing your cpu as a 955 its just not setting it right. However the same thing applies with the new cpu-z screenshot, low core voltage low multiplier. reboot go into the bios, find the cpu core voltage set it to 1.35 find the multiplier and crank it up till you get to 3.2ghz (getting out my calculator should be 16x)
  11. ugh..i didnt even see that page when i looked at my mobo... I just followed what someone told me on here and check specs such as cpu wattage support and the fact that i could use am3 socket with the bios update...
    Does anyone know the suggested changes I should make, like exact values...I have no idea how to mess with that stuff...
  12. I would try another bios version that still supports your cpu.
  13. Here is your answer:

    From wikipedia: Some top-level AM3 processors (x945 125W, x955 and x965) require a special power-supply feature, often called "dual power-plane". It's supported by default in all native AM3 mainboards, however not in most AM2+ mainboards, even those advertised as "AM3 optimised" or "AM3 ready". Processor running below its nominal speed (i.e. at 800 MHz), clock and multiplier locked are symptoms of this incompatibility. This is caused by the processor itself: when it detects that the motherboard does not supply dual power planes, the chip locks its multiplier to 4x. This issue is not resolvable via BIOS update; however, users of AM2 and AM2+ motherboards can still use Phenom II processors excluding the 125 watt variants.


    Sounds like you may have received bad advice.
  14. well thats cool...anyone have advice on what to do from here? do i need to buy a new mobo.. or is there anything else that could be done
  15. actually, in response to that, the link that was posted on the thread by someone stated that the x945 could be used on my mobo, which is a 125w...
  16. mikehockey27 said:
    actually, in response to that, the link that was posted on the thread by someone stated that the x945 could be used on my mobo, which is a 125w...

    Not correct it states the 95watt version of the 945! The only phenom II parts at 125 watts are the AM2+ versions 940 and 920.
  17. oh, so in short, there is no hope for making this processor work with my current motherboard...i just have to buy a new mobo...and new ram for that new mobo..
  18. mikehockey27 said:
    actually, in response to that, the link that was posted on the thread by someone stated that the x945 could be used on my mobo, which is a 125w...

    I haven't built an AMD system in a over a decade, so I can't give you specific advice. I wouldn't necessarily give up without trying some BIOS adjustments. You need to enter the BIOS (by pressing a keyboard key during bootup (it might by the delete key or one of the F keys - usually it'll say somewhere on the screen what key to press to enter the BIOS)). You need to try disabling any power-saving features (like Cool-n-Quiet or whatever they call it). Then you need to try to set your "CPU multiplier" to 16. To do so you probably need to change a "CPU speed" setting from "Auto" to "Manual" and then set that multiplier to 16.

    Like I said, I don't know your platform or BIOS so I can't help much more on specifics. I will say that IF that wiki entry that I quoted is correct, then the processor itself is locking itself at 800mhz and nothing can be done through the BIOS.

    If nothing else works you can either: 1) Get an AM3 mobo or 2) Get a Phenom II other than the 945, 955 or 965... This time make sure it is listed on the mobo's supported CPU list.
  19. Agreed before giving up try manually setting it!
  20. while I was waiting for replies I pulled the processor and put in the old one..

    I will try to mess with the setting I guess on some other day. But I think it is the processor that is stopping me from getting the 3.2 ghz...

    I will look into new mobos for now I guess...
  21. someone in another forum got it set with the amd overdrive software, that could be worth a wack if the bios settings don't yeild fruit.
  22. can you link me to that forum?
  23. sorry sorry after finally finding it again and reading closely he didn't end up successful with the amd overdrive suite. I kinda skimmed it the first time looking for some other piece of information, i thought it said he couldn't get a post in the bios but did with overdrive, when it was no to both. I'd still give it a wack if the bios doesn't work though.

    As a final option could you rma it for a 95w 945? rather then buy a new mobo and ram?
  24. mikehockey27 said:
    can you link me to that forum?

    In case you're still trying to figure out what to do, Tom's just published a system builder marathon system (low cost) that is based on a 955. They picked up a motherboard and 4gb of RAM for $60 + $25. Its definitely a low-cost mobo but it would at least support your processor... check it out:,3032.html
  25. how does this combo look to you guys,
    I mean it isnt that cheap, but i dont want to buy something too low end

    Take a look for me and tell me what you think.

    thanks again guys
  26. It is good value for the money!
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