Motherboard or Powerswitch?

Built a PC today, finishing result, I push the button, no power at all, No lights, No fans.

Switched my PSU into a older computer, worked fine, switched an older psu into my new set up, also no power at all

Rechecked the wiring as I had some trouble with power sw, reset sw, times tested wiring is easily in the 50's at this case.

I also did the basic test, removing graphics card and only using the basic, still nothing.

from what I know this can only be three things, either I am still completely messing up the power sw, reset rw, the motherboard is faulty, or the power switch is faulty.

Motherboard is ASRock H77M, atx-mini.

my head is completely stressed and melted, I will be beside my computer till midnight so I will check often if anyone replies, I am open to all suggestions.

It takes 4-5 days for delivery, so I do plan on calling the place up tomorrow, but ill need to send the part back out of my own expense... and they will send out a new part within 4-5 days.. so I would best like to avoid this unless its last resort........

Thank you in advance, please help :)
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  1. Are you plugging the PSU twice into the motherboard or just once?

    If you are plugging it in twice, take out the PWR_BTN cable that leads to the power button and plug the cable in between the computer and the wall. Then touch those two pins at the same time with something metal like a paper clip or flat screwdriver.

    Tell me if anything happens.
  2. Just tried it a few times now, nothing happened sadly.... But thank you for that information because I was looking for a way to jump start it, is that the only possible way to do it?
  3. What I told you to do is basically a clone of what the power button does without having to have cables. It would have showed a problem with the PWR_BTN cable if it worked.

    There is not another way to wake the motherboard up except for doing that.

    However, I want to re-iterate my question from before. Are you sure that your PSU is plugged twice into the motherboard?

    Also, are you sure that it is using the proper CPU power connectors and not a PCIE connector? If you use a PCIE connector it won't work. The one you want should have 2 sets of 2 rows of 2 pins on the same wire.

    It would look like this:

    most likely.

    If you have the wrong one, the CPU won't get the wake up signal from the PSU and it will never show a hint of life in it. Therefore nothing else would either.

    Also, did you screw the motherboard directly into the case wall?
  4. Ah sorry for not including that information, both 8 pin and 24 pin are plugged in, and I do not have it directly screwed in, im using the supporters, the PSU im using is Antec 600W Gamer, im using the correct 24 pin as there is only one (and one slot in the mobo), and im also using the correct 8 pin as its detachable into 4 pin but I am using 8 as my mobo requires it
  5. Take everything out of the case and put it all on a wood table.

    Put in only the CPU and 1 stick of RAM in the motherboard and plug in the PSU again and then do the thing I told you before to do with the screw driver.

    Tell me what happens.
  6. Willl try it in 5 minutes just wife is finishing her food!, will edit and update this
  7. I would rather you didn't update posts, because then I don't get notified. Just write another separate post every time you update the thread.
  8. when removing the motherboard, I noticed one of the supporters (gold screws I forget the new name) was in fact STUCK to my motherboard, after removing this and following your instructions it the PSU did boot up and start working, I will assemble it now extra carefully and let you know how it works, do you have paypal or accept donations for your troubles? I get paid by the month so I would in fact not be able to donate till Thursday the 28th
  9. After putting it back together, same problem no power once again, I tried it with the screwdriver while still together, also no power going into it....
  10. What if you just leave that one off that was stuck. Just don't even install it.

    Usually there is enough supports around the motherboard that you can get by without 1 of them.

    Try it without that one and tell me how it goes.
  11. I did not install that broken one, however it still wont give any power, very strange I am checking so carefully there is nothing touching the case that could be causing this problem unless I just do not notice, I am not using an expensive case, it is a Centurion 5 II... This is very frustrating because its in fact my wife's birthday present and on first delivery, they forgot to send the motherboard, and cd drive, motherboard and cd drive arrived today, but it is not sata.. it is IDE which is annoying since my motherboard does not hold IDE and it clearly said Sata, so this whole getting her birthday present has took over 14 days now.. but lucky enough you took your time to help us so we know we do not need to send the motherboard back and wait another 10 days, we are very great-full
  12. I am sorry to hear that your wife's birthday present isn't turning out as you hoped. I can feel your frustration with all this, trust me. If I am doing something nice for my wife I want it to work like its supposed to, you know?

    Anyway, I will do what I can to get you running asap.

    Are you certain that when the motherboard is mounting all the holes are lining up right? There is not one of those things somewhere that a screw hole isn't that is just sticking into the middle of the board somewhere?

    Also, what you could do and it would be a major pain in the a@@, but if you assume that the one that was stuck didn't have anything wrong with it you may be able to figure out which one isn't working by some trial and error.

    Physics wise you really only need about 3 of those things to hold a board stable. More will do better obviously, but for testing purposes you can probably take out all except 3 and see if you can get it to start then. If you can't then try a different set of 3 till it does work and whichever one is the unused one is probably the culprit.

    If you get that far you can start adding some back in one or two at a time and remember which ones in case it stops working again. It may be that 2 or more of them aren't aligned right in the Centurion case. If you just add them back slow it shouldn't be that hard to sort out, though.
  13. Yes, sorry, I am adding back piece by piece trying to figure out what is happening but its almost midnight here and I am due in for work at 1am so sadly I must finish this tomorrow, you really cannot understand how much we appreciate your help, my wife is very religious Filipino and I know to some it is not a big deal but she will pray for you and your wife and family, she does not mean it offensive either she is just raised very religious.

    I will post again tomorrow letting you know as first thing after work I will continue adding piece by piece to find out what the problem is.

    Thank you very much!
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