Help me optimise!!

Im trying to make a parts plan for my new build, and i wonder what the best graphic card combos are atm.
this is me aming for hardcore gaming rig:
CM Haf X big tower
Asus rampage III Black edition
Intel i7-990x
6x 4Gb 2000Mhz tri channel memori chips
Cooler Master Silent Golt 1000W power supply
Multi card solutions are possible.
Crysis 2 on best config would be nice also.
Price is not realy any consern as u see ; )
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  1. What resolution you will be using is a big factor in what video card(s) you should be looking at.
  2. Up to 1920 x 1080 Res
  3. Yeah, forget about the i7-990x. It's based on the older gulftown architecture, not sandy bridge and for gaming you will see basically no advantage over the much, much cheaper i7-2600k. Even in other tasks the advantage is questionable at best. 24gb of RAM is if anything even more pointless. Just get 8gb. It's questionable whether even above 4gb will have any positive benefit for gaming.
    Considering you have that much money to spend though I recommend getting two more 1920x1080 monitors for Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround and SLIed GTX 580s or crossfired HD6970s. You should also definitely be getting a solid state hard drive. That's a way to spend a good chunk of cash that does have real benefit. Perhaps consider a fancy gaming mouse/kb.
    If you are going to spend a lot of money on a gaming setup then do it right and spend on things that will actually increase the gaming experience rather than pointlessly expensive processors and gobs of RAM that you will never use at all.
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