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First Build - i5 3570k - I want a MoBo with features <$200

Im building my first computer and I have decided on the i5 3570k. I've read that getting a cheap MoBo will slow down your computer and since im not getting a cheap CPU I want a MoBo that will have lots of features and allow for a fast computer. Any suggestions?
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  1. Where exactly did you read that a cheap motherboard will slow down your computer?

    A motherboard is a pretty stupid thing, it just takes data from thing A and moves it to thing B. That is about it if you really boil it down.

    For the most part, one board is as good as another at doing that basic task.

    The best reason to spend a lot on a motherboard is if you know you need whatever it has that a cheaper one doesn't have.

    A cheaper board may limit how much you can OC your computer, is that something you intend to get heavily into?
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    This is about as good as you'll get, features wise, for under $200

    And also, this

    Both are a very good boards, BTW.

    In any case, I agree with Raiddinn, "cheaper" boards don't slow anything down. In most cases, it's OC ability that's affected.
  3. I read that they can slow down a pc on another site... guess they were wrong. Thanks for the clarification. I am planning to OC down the road so i guess spending a little more for some more features and OC capabilities would be smart.
  4. Get the Asrock Z77 Extreme 6 that DJDecibel mentioned, that should suit you just fine and it is backed by Hardware Secrets which is the 3rd party site I trust more than any other.
  5. Alright thanks for the help, ill let you know how the build turns out.
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