Little bit of an upgrade.

Hey all,first and foremost forgive grammar and spelling as my screens cracked and Cant quite make out the preview of the message.

I have a asus m4a87td evo mobo with a amd phenom 2 955 be cpu. Stock settings as it stands but il be overclocking it to 4.0ghz. My question is will i be bottlenecking a nvidia 670gtx card in this machine? I dont want to sli. Simply single card for games like d3 LoL tera bf3. Not wanting to change mobo or cpu just want to pick your brains as to whether it will play the games and such ok. Thanks in advance.
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  1. The 955 even at stock will do fine to enable a 670 to do its thing in games.

    You may not be able to squeeze every last FPS out of the 670, but no AMD processor is going to do that.

    You should be able to get 90 - 95% of its FPS, though, which is more than enough to run pretty much everything.
  2. oh really? i was going to o/c it since i feared bottlenecking. So you think i could just leave it stock?
  3. It is a sliding scale really.

    You might get 80% of what you are capable of with the 955 at stock and 90% of what you are capable of with the 955 at max OC.

    Whether you need that difference only depends really on the FPS you are getting in whatever game you happen to be playing.

    Minimums above 46 FPS is mostly wasted and above 60 FPS is completely wasted.

    If whatever you are playing gets 60 FPS minimum with a 670 (pretty likely I would guess, depending on your monitor resolution) then there is no good reason to do any OCing.

    Unless you are trying to compare your FPS to somebody else's FPS or something.
  4. i Nigh on always play 1980x1080 res. so aslong as il be able to play on a stable 60 as my monitor is 60 mhz. Crank the settings on high/maxed id be more than happy haha.
  5. It really depends on what your gaming requirements are. If you want to get crazy with AA at 8x or something then its tough for any setup regardless of what you do.

    Some games are more crushing than others when they are maxed out.

    Anyway, if you are playing something like Metro 2033 which has idiotic hardware requirements, then you aren't going to do any better than what you already have.

    You can spend a few hundred bucks on a 2500k + Z68 combo and maybe get a tiny bit more FPS, but that game can make a 670 cry even if it was powered by a 3960x $1000 processor.

    You might as well just try it and come back if you have problems.

    The 670 isn't going to be super held back and if you don't get the performance you want with the 955 at stock then you could try pushing up from the base speed. If you get a higher FPS that way then you can try going up more.

    I don't see a reason to pre-emptively change the processor/motherboard combo before testing what you already have and seeing if it performs how you want.

    If it doesn't, a 2nd video card might do better than a different processor.
  6. ta for the great help. very much appreciated
  7. If you are unhappy with how it performs, come back and say what game you are trying to play and what settings you are trying to play it at, but its probably going to be fine.
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