Viewsonic VX900, my personal review

this is a 19inch flatpanel. 25ms response time and 500:1 contrast ratio according to viewsonics website.

I love this flatpanel. I don't play 200+FPS games though. But watching tv or a dvd is just amazingly crisp and sharp and no ghosting whatsoever.

The beep you hear when you touch the buttons i'm sure you read about and went "Er thats annoying" can be turned off and i haven't read a review that mentioned that!

You can also lock the OSD display and you can lock te power button. IN a review i read it says you can accidently touch those and mess it your display. But none of the reviews mentions that you can lock those even the power button so you don't accidently turn it on or off or messing with the OSD settings since the buttons are touch sensitive while moving things around.

All this is in the manual which is on the cd you install.

Playing icewindale II is awsome. No problems. Played The Matrix DVD on my PS2 going through composite and it was very crisp and bright. I don't play any FPS games either though.

It has built in speakers but if you already have a speakers you don't really need it. I'm sure it would be great for offices but for home you don't need the 3watt speakers built into it. I wish viewsonic made a non-speaker and mic version. Would be a little cheaper.

When i first got it, i tapped the screen to see if it had a glass covering because i read on a review that it didn't. This model does infact have a glass antiglare covering on it.

I got this at newegg for 749, with shipping and rush came to 766.99. Ordered it on friday and i got it on tuesday! Works perfectly and 0 dead pixels.

The response of this flatpanel is amazing. Referring to shutting off and on - the time it takes for that. I worked with dell flatpanels a lot and it usually takes 30 seconds for it to kick out of standby. My flatpanel takes about 3 seconds. Infact it is faster then my CRT when first turning on. With my crt i would turn on the monitor and then my computer and by the time the crt kicked in the RAID BIOS would show missing the post. With my flatpanel, I turn it on and then my computer and i see everything my computer has posted for a split second, then shows the RAID BIOS and then loads windows. So i would say it's about 1-2 seconds faster then a CRT as far as that. Which i fine unusual for flatpanels. I find that they are slower to start up.

as for the .29 dotpitch. If you arn't an artist i wouldn't worry about it. I've painted on it using yahoos paint thing and it's fine. I've used photoshop and it is fine. I've scanned images and it looks fine. So unless you have fine tuned eyes and is an artist i wouldn't worry about the dotpitch. If you are an artist you shouldn't be looking at flatpanels anyway. all flatpanels have a high dotpitch anyway. And dotpitch is not a becnhmark to measure quality either as flatpanels and crt's uses completely different technologies in my own personal opinion with no facts to back that up.

I love it! check it out for yourself! I'm not sure about any other model. I did hear that the VX700 is very similar to that of the vx900. I'm not so sure about the vx2000 though! It is twice as expensive i don't think it is worth it for that one extra inch. Trust me 19inch is fricken huge! I never expected it to be this big either. The screen itself i mean.

I give it a 5/5 i love it this much. Haven't had a single problem other than my user error problem. Your suppose to turn on the flatpanel first and then the computer in order for it to autotune. I just plugged it in. I tried rebooting but that did nothing. FInally i turned it off and back on and the screen autoadjusted for the right cable (DVI). That was my fault though for not reading the manual.

Hope this helps for some of you. You can get it at newegg and see pictures and what not too. it is the viewsonic VX900. :)

I hope you enjoyed my personal review!

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  1. I am not going to give my review for 100th time again, but i want to say I wouldn't recommend buying VX900, there are other 19 inch panels that's much better then VX900 and cheaper.
  2. i don't beleive anyone asked for your review. ANd for information show me a 19inch flatpanel cheaper and better then this that is less than $749.00

    Why don't you recommend the vx900. Be specific. Do you have experience with them? Do you work with them 24/7. Do you know inside information? What do you base you not recomending this flatpanel on?

    I'm talking now not what will or might come out 3 months later. Talking what is out now.

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  3. He claims he owned one and says it sucked. You got a pretty good deal!! I love the size of 17"+ screens, compared to my previous 15" CRT, they looked bigger than life hehe. Hey, would u mind running a few avi's and telling me how they look (if u agree I'll send em to you)? I'd like to get ur input on this vx900, just so I can know how it generally performs.

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  4. well i watch tv on it. It's fine. I ran the matrix dvd, played super crisp. There are several models of the vx900.
    there was the 40ms, lower contrast, and no glass covering. The cam out the 25ms, better contrast and no glass covering, and now it's 25ms, 500:1 contrast, and glass antiglare covering. This is wha ti noticed from several reviews i came across. There was an aggressive improvement on this screen over time. I'm guessing he had an older model of the same vx900 family.

    But ya watching tv and playing an avi would be the same wouldn't it? let me theck it out i tihnk i have a few avi's on here.

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  5. well i ran a few movies. It only looks like crap if you make it too big. Like if the movie is a 320x240 and yo ustretch it out to 1024x768 about, it's gonna look like crap obviously. TV is fine. Some channels are fuzzy but thats typical even with tv's. I ran 3dmark2003 - that was fine. btw my score is ~4400. I also ran Maya and thats fine too. I ran a dvd, that was fine.

    like i said before, i think he got an older model with older technology. If you look for reviews there are several of them with different specs. The one at newegg clearly say, 25ms, 500:1 ratio. Some websites reviews this same vx900 as having a 40ms and 350:1 i think it was. Obviusly it's not the samething. It's a newer revision so. Viewsonic should make it clear what revision is out. Maybe they recalled the older ones who knows...

    aiight i have to get to bed, laterz

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  6. I'll be up till 2:00 thanks to AP Euro essays and an AP Comp Sci test on 30 pages of code which I have to memorize hehe. The avi's I would send you would really test more the contrast, how continuous gradations are, and response time (25ms is only for black to white and vice versa, whereas when u get into intermediary colors, response time generally increases since lesser power is applied, and MVA tech exhibits moreso than many other techs). Do you have faster than 56K connection?

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  7. lol not me man! haha! i go to bed early. I gotta wake up early (or at least try) to get to study for an hour and go to classes. I can't do all nighters as is common with most college students haha. The problem is the fact i have a day job.

    how big are the files? I have quota's on all my email addresses. I think my myway account has a 3MB quota, yahoo has a 2MB yahoo and so does my college email address. Other than that if it is bigger i can setup an FTP account for you to upload the files.

    And yes i have cable modem and your upload would be my download so figure roughly 200KB/s MAX. So probably as fast as your upload can go right? ... man brain isn't functioning, if htat sounds like a duh, my apologies.

    Infact i think ftp is the best way to go. email me a username and password. it's my Now i gotta check to see if it's installed haha.


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  8. You are one of the few who actually liked VX900, I've owned that monitor for 6 month and had nothing but trouble.
    I had to replace the first one because of many deadpixels, 2nd one I got had 2 dead pixels, so I decided not to mess any more with RMA and left it. Another 4 dead pixels/subpixels appeared during 6 month. It still didn't bother me however. I was more concerned with the *cracking* noises it was making every minuite or so while running, I called tech support and they of course told me one thing that I need to ship it back, so I got tired of this and sold it and instead bought CML174 which in my opinon is far superior to VX900. Btw VX900 was too dark even at highest setting and that was said in numerous reviews that the panel wasn't bright enough, (CML is too bright, but that can be easily fixed) it had a lot of ghosting as well. As far as viewing angles, I have not noticed any difference between the two. If you like it that's fine, but I was just saying there are other panels that's much nicer then VX900 and don't cost more...
  9. this one is pretty bright. Infact i have to turn it down quite a bit!

    I think you got an older revision because i have no dead pixels at all and no ghosting whatsoever. Even my dad looked at and was like wow that is pretty good while playing a DVD. He looked at it pretty close too.

    I do know there were many revisions of this model. That is a fact. The model you had was probably the 40ms and 250:1 contrast ration version and used older technology. This one i have is 25ms and 500:1 contrast ratio.

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  10. LOL,
    no, the one I bought (model Viewsonic VX900) was specificaly designed for me with 100 ms response time and 5:1 contrast ratio and covered with cheap plastic.

    It's the same panel with the same specs.
  11. look it up yourself i did. i did the research and research says the old vc900's were 40ms and lower conrast. amazing how mine works fine and yours was crap.

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  12. Sorry I haven't gotten back to u yet about those files- it's my bro's birthday and we planned something special. Anyways, soon as I finish rendering some of tests I'll send em. U want me to send over yahoo messenger, I don't want you to have to go thru the trouble of setting up a specific ftp account for me.

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  13. hmm i suppose, let me turn on yahoo messenger. ... ok .. i'm on i'll leave it on if i don't answer right away it's probably because i'm away, maybe you should tell me your screen name so i can add it and know when you are on?

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  14. my sn is lockerman2

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