I just setup my pc with my sharp aquos 37in as i have upgraded my tv in the loung room. prior i had a awa tv in the bedroom and the display was perfect. But since the change i cant get the display to fit on the screen, it doesnt matter what resoltion i use it wont fit to the tv, also my tv res is 1368x768 as was my previous one.
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  1. Make and model of your tv? Need specifics, as many models will have different settings.

    Make and model of your graphics card? Same reason as above.

    How are you connecting your tv to your pc? Connections being used? Type of cable?

    The more info you give us the more helpful we can be.
  2. TV is a Sharp Aquos LC37PD5X
    Video Card is a Geforce 7600GS
    DVI cable PC end to HDMI tv end
  3. that happend with me, it turned out to be the cinematic zoom settings on the tv , set it to Native. you probably got it set to letterbox or hd 4:3
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