MB overheating and burning smell

I had a strange problem in my motherboard (asus m4a88t-m/usb3). Previously when i tried to boot the PC, it gave me one long beep followed by two short beeps which indicate a problem in installed RAM (1*4GB+2*2GB) and a there's a burning smell coming from MB, i give it to computer specialist and he told me there's a problem in IC in motherboard which responsible for RAM detection and reading. he replace it and PC comes alive again but the MB is now overheated and after 1 hour there's a burning smell too come from it although it does work!!
I'm afraid if i continue use the PC, it will finally burn the whole MB along with other parts.
is there a solution for this problem?
Appreciate your replies and thanks in advance
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  1. HUm i smell a rat .. your computer guys said he replaced what on the motherboard?
    i really dont think there are any tech companys able to replace ic or whatever on the run i think you got taken by your computer guy there.....You may want to try a diff company....And if the computer smells like somethings burning shut it down and do not run it till a qualified person looks at it!!!
  2. What PSU do you have? What video card and processor as well?

    The cause of most burning smells in my experience is the PSU.
  3. @robustus64
    here's the IC that he replace it. if you know more information about it, kindly advise

    I took a photo to show it's rating
    but i'm not sure if the sticker tell the actual rating for it, do you've any method that could measure the actual rating?
    I don't have any external video cards. it's all embedded in MB. my processor DualCore AMD Phenom II X2 Black Edition 555, 3200 MHz (16 x 200).

    something worth to say that MB temperature around 46C (room temp is~ 31C) and cpu temp is 30C, is it usual to have MB temperature higher than CPU?
  4. Might sound crazy, but you need to do a 'sniff test' to figure-out what's the problem. As said 'most' of the time it's the PSU and that PSU looks pretty cheap -- sniff there 1st. If the PSU is going bad it can over-volt i.e. cause a gambut of issues.

    I cannot for sure tell, but if you have poor airflow then that too can cause an overheating problem.

    Clearly, 'burning' isn't good and IF it's the PSU or not I'd get a new one.

    Q - What's up with "Tiggo ATX-1500W" why in the world did you get a 1500W PSU (though it's Amps are very low)??!!
  5. At best you could call that thing a 300w PSU. If it said it does 1500w on the box they lied so bad. I am hoping that the Tiggo vaporware brand really just has stupid model naming conventions.

    OP - Do you have an AC oscillating fan you can aim into the case?
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