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Hey guys,

I am new to this hardware thing and i have some questions that you guys could clear up.
See,recently i assembled a gaming rig with intel i7 980x with corsair h70 liquid cooler. I also overclocked it to 4.00ghz.
see when idle the temps are around 48 to 55 degree celsius. But when i am running prime 95 to check stability the temps shoot up to 90. i mean ,is it normal or do i have to check the cooler,change the thermal paste or something.

please help me out guys....
Thanks in advance
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  1. That is to high what are your temps without overclock?
  2. @rolli59: it is near 40 without overclock....
  3. that is when idle....when in full load it reaches 80
  4. 80°C under load @std clocks is to high, check your heat sink install! Max Tcase is 67.9°C
  5. thnx mate...will do straight away!
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