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Ok Ive been searching for months for a gaming computer and one last step .. Xfx 6870 black edition vs Xfx 6870 black edition overclocked the vs the regualr xfx 5870 the thing im worried about with the 6870 overclocked black edition over clocked is the two fans is that better or worse cause im only used to cards with one fan in the back anyway heres the link




thank you in advance
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  1. 5870 beats 6870, but the XFX 6870 black edition is really good, probably the one with 2 fans will be quiter and cooler, but i'm not sure about that, look on newegg, you can find better ones cheaper
  2. also you can find a really good Powercolor 5870 with OC to 950 core and water cooling for 220$
  3. well i want the 6870 black edition Oced but does it take 2 6pin or 2 8pin thanks
  4. thanks
  5. shrkbay said:
    2x 6 pin, check this : i'm not sure, which one is black edition, cause it doesn't show me the pictures, but you can get 'em cheaper



    yeah the more expensive one is black edition i checked newegg b4 and didnt find it thanks for finding for me :D
  6. you're welcome
  7. You should compare 6950 to a 5870, the 6870 is out of the price range...
  8. ^ are you sure? maybe check newegg there's 10$ difference... but in performance 6870 is 10% below the 5870, which is 10% below 6950 and 5% below 560
  9. The HD6950 really isn't much more than the HD6870 you are looking at and it can be unlocked into an HD6970.
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