Screensaver issue and display timing

ok so on one of my previous posts i had an issue with ram timing on windows 7, i fixed this but i went ahead and just did an upgrade. my specs now are:

biostar tp67xe MB
gskill 8gig of ram 1600fsb
I3 intel core processor 3.3ghz
evga geforce 8800gts

i only upgraded the core components not the graphics card/ PSW

ok so after a clean install of windows 7 ultimate. i installed all updates and hotfixes as well.

I installed a screensaver that is 32bit the system can run 64bit as well. i set the screen saver under "screensavers" to run after 1 min. it never executes. I have it set in power settings to turn off display after 20mins never does. I can however put it in sleep and hibernation mode manually no problem but scheduled times dont work. what to do. Biostar said to download latest chipset driver already did, did not work. i have the latest nvidia card drivers installed as well. :(
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  1. Can u set it to no screensaver (0)save it, restart, set it to 1 min and wait...
  2. Also, try another screensaver to see if it doesn't work as well.
  3. i have tried that and other things. i have also seen it where this a known issue with Windows 7.
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