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570GTX causing screen blanking

Problem description:
Okay, a little background first. I got my tax rebate and decided to use part of it on upgrading my aging E6700 + Geforce 8800 rig I built back in '06 or so. So I bought a new gigabyte motherboard (with the B3 SATA fix), an i7 Sandy Bridge 2600, EVGA Geforce 570 GTX (Fermi) (non-overclocked version), and 2x4GB of corsair 1600 MHz RAM. When I got it, I experienced some instability (crashing in many games, BSOD every 30 minutes or so of BF:BC2) which I tracked to the RAM with the help of my roommate. I initially thought it was my power supply, and replaced that, but it still occured, so I let Memtest do more than 1 full set of tests. It came up with errors but only after 6-7 full passes, so we swapped RAM for kicks as we both have the same frequency of DDR3, and wham-bang BSOD in BFBC2 on his comp while mine worked fine. Ok, cool, just some bad RAM, right? RMA that sucker.

I borrowed 1 2GB stick of his 1600MHz RAM (he had 3, but his mobo only supports dual-channel RAM, so I assume he just runs them all single-channel. That's beside the point though.) and off I went to play low sys req games like League of Legends, Magicka, whatever. This worked great for about a week. Suddenly, last night, I was playing magicka online with some friends, and suddenly the screen goes black, sound starts looping, and my monitor gives a no signal. I had to reboot manually, and now ANY game that uses 3D and even Furmark all cause the same issue the instant the 3D portion loads; basically I can go to a menu or whatever but the instant I get in game or to somewhere with 3D it black screens and I have to reboot. There is no overheating going on from what I see, I have not overclocked anything on my system.

So, before I RMA my graphics card, what is there to try?

Attempted fixes:
I have reinstalled my drivers. Event viewer does not show any errors relating to the crash. DxDiag shows no issues, although once it gave me a strange error about not recently not being able to access direct3D, but when I clicked retry on the dialogue, it did not have the problem again, and I have not been able to reproduce it. Otherwise, I'm at a loss. I'll probably try reinstalling Direct3D, but I'm doubting that will work. I'm more worried if this is a motherboard issue. Prime95 runs perfectly stable and my temps never break 72C on my CPU. I can't really load my card anymore but I'm fairly certain it never overheated; The fan is fairly loud and I would have noticed it spinning up, and I immediately checked temps after the initial crash. They were around 60-65C. Tonight I will also throw my old card in to see if it works alright.

Recent changes:
see previous.

Operating system: Windows 7 x64 Professional; 100% legal copy.

System specs:
VGA EVGA 012-P3-1570-AR GTX570
CPU INTEL CORE I7 2600 3.4G 8M
Currently it's some 1600MHz RAM from my roomie, until the RMA comes in. I'll ask what brand when I get the chance.
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium (PCI-E x1)
PSU Thermaltake TR2 TRX-650M 650W (I think this is the one. I just nipped down to fry's and made sure I had a minimum of 38A on the 12V rail per the graphics card's requirements. The one I picked up was definitely Thermaltake 650W with 44A on the 12V)
Some 500GB hard drive from 2 years ago, it's probably a seagate but I really dont think it is the problem. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here.

voltages are all rock-steady, although HWmonitor doesn't display them correctly, the BIOS and gigabyte's tuner/monitor program show voltages that are easily within 5% of what they should be. (11.925 on the 12V)
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  1. What are the temps on the gpu and cpu when your gaming after an hour? Does it crash when running a benchmark like 3dmark11 or 3dmark Vantage?

    The model number you listed for your Corsair ram does not come up.

    Please list correct model number.

    Did you manually set the speed, timings and voltage for your memory in the bios, or did you just pop it in and forget about it?

    If you don't know how to do this, then download cpu-z and show us a screenshot of the "memory" and "spd" tabs on the program.
  2. Well since I can't get 3D applications working, I can only say that the GPU never went above the low 80's C during heavy gaming... my CPU never went above 71C after 4 hours of prime95.

    I updated the info on that RAM. Here is a link to the newegg:

    The motherboard is XMP capable so I simply used the XMP profiles for both sets of RAM. For the corsair set, they were as expected per the manufacturer (9-9-9-24 @ 1.5V). The temporary set is also low voltage but I'm uncertain if the timings are correct. I did use its XMP profile, however, so I believe it is ok. Again, I will need to ask my roommate for information on the RAM.

    I will attempt a 3Dmark when I get home from work. I have remote access to the computer, but if it crashes I will not be able to reboot it remotely.
  3. Turns out one of the plugs had worked itself out of the plug on the PSU end, which I didnt think to check when i went to see if the plugs were all properly snapped in. Mystery solved [:fisshy:2]
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    All that and you never thought to check the power connections? Wow, I certainly would have done that before posting a "book" here.
  5. It's my first modular PSU, so I only checked the card end of the connection withou thinking of the other end. When I went to remove the card and a cord came out with it I knew exactly what the issue was. Guess you can close this topic... Live and learn.
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