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the most expensive pc
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  1. The most expensive component is often the graphics card. But it depends what type of PC your building. Sometimes it can be the CPU, Motherboard or even SSD these days.
  2. When I build a PC for me the GPU is always the most expensive, but that's because it is mainly for gaming.
  3. It's usually the Motherboard. Sometimes online you can find CPU/Motherboard combos to lighten the price. RAM can be pretty expensive also. Hard drives are around the same price as ram and so are Graphics cards.
  4. The electricity
  5. For a gaming PC always the graphics card or cards otherwise either the CPU or a solid state drive.
  6. ItsFixed said:
    It's usually the Motherboard...

    This, for me. I hate cheap motherboards.

    A nice motherboard cures many ills and is the foundation of your rig, now, and in the future. AND, if you play by the rules your OEM operating system is keyed to it, so you may as well invest in a nice one.
  7. Expensive mother boards are only if you want to do alot of upgrading and get the last bit from your overclock. If you will put together a system and leave it then just get the cheapest (but a reasonable make) that has the features you need, the money is better spent on a better CPU or GPU.
  8. For me it has been the monitor. Usually in the range of $700 - $1,300.
  9. I forgot the monitor that cost me around the same as my GPU.
  10. Nowadays is SSD, over $700 for a 500GB

    I usually buy graphics card at $150, selling and upgrading each year, and always play at maximum settings
  11. As other posters before me have already laid out, depends on what the PC is gonna be used for mainly.

    For a general purpose one, it's always the monitor $100-200. (Roughly - CPU-$80-120, Mobo $60-100, RAM- $20-50, HDD- $40-60, PSU- $30-50, Case- $20-80, GPU- $30-100).

    For a PC that'll do something graphics intensive though, it'll be the Graphics card. As for running multi threaded CPU intensive apps, they'll need a much more powerful processor.

    And these are for consumer end desktops only. High end server processors alone can cost a whole lot more than a whole mid range quality PC in it's entirety.
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