No display on the screen no beeps... whats the problem???

HELLO EVERYONE,today i bought a ASUS M5A78L-M LE AM3+ motherboard, corsair value select ddr3 1333 4gb ( two of these ) (, amd fx 4100 black edition processor. As i connected all of these parts on the motherboard including the graphic card which is 9500gt ddr2 and yes the connecting part was done , but as i plugged on pc yeah.. also turned on my cpu button i got a strange problem that their was no display on the screen.. no beeps.. also i opened my case to see that was the motherboard working or not , but the motherboard was working perfectly the cpu fan was also running nicely every thing was working fine but their was no display on the screen no beeps.. tried couple of times turning on and off the cpu but no luck....
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  1. You had a computer before this I take it? If so, do you still have it? If so, what processor was in it?
  2. Raiddinn said:
    You had a computer before this I take it? If so, do you still have it? If so, what processor was in it?

    yeah i had a computer before this which had a pentium d 820, gigabyte 945 gcm s2l (mobo), 4 gb ddr2 ram (2x2) and a 9500gt ddr2 (as i said previously) because of my new setup had that problem i switched again to my older configuration , and i am waiting till any technician( i have called one ) would fix it or anybody here could reply me here so that i can sort it out myself. please tell me what is the problem the memory the gpu or the motherboard
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    Sounds like a pretty common problem that is a little hard for most people to test.

    FX chips are newer than most all the motherboards that work with them. If the board really was made before the chip was released, then it will need a BIOS update in order to be able to use the FX chip.

    You can't do that without having a different CPU that is compatible laying around. I was hoping your old computer was an AMD for that purpose, but no dice.

    If you are going to get a technician to come to your house, tell him to bring a Phenom 2 processor with him when he comes out.

    Else, you could try buying an AM3 capable processor from Ebay or Craigslist, you might be able to get one for $20 that would work long enough to do the BIOS update and switch it out again.

    I don't know how much the tech will charge you, but probably more than that. I can't guarantee you that it is the BIOS problem that I am describing, but its not uncommon at all to have this problem for people with new FX chips.

    Basically you would be taking a chance at a lower cost or going with an option that is most certainly going to cost more and most certain to actually work too. Your pick.
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