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Hi everyone - a newbie question:

I've an i5-760, not OC'd, and with stock cooler that came attached and installed with my built system. The Gigabyte temp monitor runs at 88 deg C at full CPU load (like when encoding videos) and I've checked using CPUID HWMonitor and result is same). Idle is 30 deg C iwth ambient around 21 deg C. Case is a well-cooled Antec 300.

Based on what I've read in these forums this seems a very high temp? Can anyone advise?? Did my system builder forget thermal paste?

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  1. does seem too high--using too much thermal paste can also cause problems same as not using any

    tell the person who built it that it doesnt seem right
  2. it it a stock cooler? and no not right take it back!
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    idle seems normal, but full load isn't normal to be 88°C...

    Check out if thermal paste is correct and also, if the heatsink is well install, if one on four pin isn't correct insert through motherboard, this can cause that.

    Note : It's easy to hide a broken heatsink pin, looks like in the hole but not giving the strengh.
  4. Not experienced with i5's, but my i7 came up to 82 degrees at full load. What helped me was to lover vcore voltage. It was set on auto - and went from 0.94 to 1.25. I sat it on 1.15, and that lowered full load temp with more than 10 degrees!

    Check stock voltage and how much you can lower your i5, and try different settings.
  5. 88 degrees is much to high I personally would not except any temperature over 60 degrees. I suspect that the heatsink is not mounted correctly.
  6. The stock heatsink comes pre applied with thermal compound. If you added some on top of that there would most likely be a temperature increase. Also the stock Intel coolers are infamous for being a pain to install correctly. Part of you problem as suggested, is probably one or more push pins aren't fastened correctly. You might have to take the mobo ouot to check, I don't think the antec 300 has a motherboard cut out.
  7. Hi everybody - thanks for the great replies. mcnumpty23 & robin banks were spot on - the stock cooler wasn't 'clicked' into place properly. Words were spoken with the PC store - but I bought a Cooler Master 212 Plus anyway (from a different store!).
    Thanks for your assistance, all temps now good,
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