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Hey guys, I have an HIS 5770 right now, and I want to upgrade. One card I'm looking at right now is the GTX 470. Is upgrading to a GTX 470 going to make much of a difference?
I can spend about $300 on a card, and I wanna get the best for the price. So I would like to know what the best card is for around $300
cheers :hello:
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  1. Whats your full system specs?(PSU,Mobo,CPU,etc.)
    Whats your resoultion?

    I'd give you a reccomendation but i need to know what your intended use is for the card and what you would like to see most out of the upgrade?
  2. 500 watt psu, Asus M4A785TD-V EVO, Windows XP 32 bit, 4 gigs DDR3, AMD II X4 Black Edition.
    I am looking for a card that can play new games coming out on maxed settings on a single monitor. All I do with my computer is gaming :)
    my resolution is 1440x900
    thanks for the reply!
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    At 1400x900 you should already be able to max out games with a 5770.I would reccomend getting a GTX560.The GTX560 is on par with the GTX470 but the GTX560 is a little faster and is better at tesselation.Not to mention it the GTX560 consumes a lot less power and runs a lot cooler.The GTX560 is plenty for your resoultion and it will still be a good card even if oyu upgrade to a 1080p monitor in the future.

    MSI Twin Frozr II GTX560 $260=$240 after MIR + $5 shipping.

    What is the make/model of your PSU?
  4. my psu is an Antec EarthWatts 500W.
    I can't max the newer games, and even older games like BFBC2 out cause my shader model is 3...
    Thanks man, I am thinking of upgrading to a 1080p monitor in the future, so i will definately look around for this card on a site that ships to Canada ;)
  5. Zylo said:
    cause my shader model is 3...

    5770 supports up to shader model 5, thats included in DX11.

    The real reason you are stuck on DX9 is the windows xp, upgrade to win 7 (64bit) and all your problems will go away... :D
  6., haha you can tell I'm a noob :P
    So I can get Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and I'll be good?
    lol :bounce:
  7. Zylo said:, haha you can tell I'm a noob :P
    I guess for now I'll just get Windows 7 :)

    if you can muster up an extra $30-50 dollars then you can get both windows 7 AND a GTX 560...I think you would be very happy if you did so.
  8. amk09 said:
    if you can muster up an extra $30-50 dollars then you can get both windows 7 AND a GTX 560...I think you would be very happy if you did so.

    I might just do that :D
  9. It's actually cheaper in Canada.Newegg also ships to canada also.
  10. 100 % agree with purple stank!! GTX 560Ti is the best card for the price/fps... it was like only $.43 per fps or something in 1080P....
  11. I'm going to get Windows 7 Home Premium, and then hold on to my 5770 a little bit longer.. I know some people who work with some people who can get Windows 7 for a really great price (they got theres around 25 bucks :p ) hoping to get it for that much too.
    When I do upgrade my video card, it will most likey be to one of those bad boys :)
    Thanks for the help everyone!
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  13. Welcome.Hope that Windows 7 will help you out.
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