Are my temps ok? CM HAF 912 with i3 2100 and ati 6870.. its been 3 weeks


I have the following temps:

32-34C idle, 58C load (after running prime95 for a while)

44-45C idle, 70C load (playing sc2 for 2 hrs)

Are these temps normal? I have a CM HAF 912 case and it seems the side fan makes little/no difference in temps. I have set it to run at 40% speed now and it makes no difference from when it was at 100%.

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  1. Yes those temps are fine both GPU and CPU. Actually 58°C is a great temp for running prime95.
  2. Interesting, my pc is about the same. I've a cm elite 370 with only stock fan and gpu the same but from club3d overclocked edition.

    my idle is 30 for cpu and about 36 gpu but it underclocks to 300mhz. does yours to go to 300 when not gaming? I've not seen by gpu past 63 but It can probably go higher. I've used kombuster. The max I've seen my cpu is at 57 with 100% load in handbreak.
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