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I work exclusively in Coreldraw & Photoshop.
My artworks are often upto 15 x 10 feet Banners & hoardings in 300DPI.

I am about to build a new system.
Can You please suggest a configuration ?

Secondary usage would be Playing Winamp + surfing the net contuinuously in the background while working on the Print Design softwares.
I never play games.
But I would be using this system to watch HD quality movies.

I am thinking of the AMD Phenom 2 X6 1100T Black edition Processor + 16 GB DDR3 ram.
Which Motherboard do U recommend ?

Please advice whether SSD is necessary for Program installation or scratch disk & what capacity is required.
Also, how important is a graphic card with DDR5 video ram ?
Is something with 1 GB DDr5 enough or do I need 2 GB ?
Do Coreldraw & photoshop depend a lot on graphic cards ?

Are coreldraw & photoshop CPU intensive or RAM or graphic/video Ram intensive ?
Do they require hexacore processor ?

What configuration will assure lightening fast work experience ?


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