New build please rate! :D

Hello so i am building a new computer so that i can make youtube videos of me gaming! So will some people please rate the build and tell me some improvements i can make. Also i plan on getting sli 560s or upgrading to 570s instead and getting sli then also upgrading my power supply so i can run sli :D Also do you guys think that i should get amd instead of my 2600?

My current build is:
Gigabyte GA-P67A-UD4-B3 w/ Dual DDR3 2133
Intel Core™ i7-2600
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black 7200rpm
MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr II GeForce GTX 560 Ti
Patriot Extreme Performance Viper II Sector 7 Series DDR3 12GB
Corsair TX 650W Power Supply w/ 120mm Fan
Asus USB-N13 802.11n Wireless USB Network Adapter
Antec Twelve Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy SE 7.1, OEM
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  1. I think 12GB RAM is a little excessive.

    And are you planning to overclock your CPU?

    And when are you planning to upgrade your 560?
  2. all right i will look to downgrade the RAM. also i dont think i will OC. And i think i would probably upgrade my 560 after Christmas
  3. change that i7 to an i5 2400 it runs on par with it gaming

    change your hdd to a samsung spinpoint f3 1tb hdd it is faster and cheaper-

    1155 mobo's cant tri channel ram. so no 12gb only 4, 8, or 16gb sets. 4 is all that is needed for gaming but 8 is more so the standard

    wireless internet is not good if you are gaming you want a direct connection to your router with an ethernet cable

    the 1200 is a little pricey how about this case-

    no sound card is needed unless you have a 500$ set of speakers where you can actually tell the difference. the motherboard's onboard sound is fine

    with the money you saved grab a 750w psu so you can sli-
    or this one-
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