SLI GTX 470 & GTX 560 TI

I have an Intel DX58SO Mobo and i am trying to sli a gtx 470 and gtx 560 ti, i have both cards installed i can plug into either one and the display works they are both showing up in every hardware window possible for video cards to show up in, But the SLI option in the Nvidia manager will not show up. they are powered properly, they have an SLI bridge attached all my drivers and Bios are up to date i have tried coolbit i have tried switching the cards slots tried reformating, tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers tried rolling back drivers tried looking in the bios for an option to enable sli. I have done and tried just about everything i can think of and can find information for online is there something I'm not doing right?
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  1. i should add my set up specs

    Intel DX58SO
    i7-920 @ 3.28ghz
    12gigs ram OCZ Reaper
    Nvidia GTX 470 fermi
    Nvidia GTX 560 TI
    WD 250gig HDD
    Samsung 2TB HDD
  2. You can't sli a 470 and a 560 ti. They have to be the same card ie 2x 470s or 2x 560s.
  3. they just have to be the same Chip Set as long as they are in the GTX family it will work
    same gpus or nothing at all (or you could use one for physx but that would be an utter waste) so return the 560ti (i assume you recently bought it) and get yourself another gtx470 or just sell the 470 and buy another 560ti. Because there is no way in hell your going to sli those cards. Unless of course your some sort of coding genius that could whip up drivers that make 'em work.
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    I don't know where you heard that but it is not true. The GTX 560 is based on the GF114 processor which is a respin of the GF104 gpu originally in the GTX 460 with all of it's cores unlocked. The GTX 470/480/465 where all based on the GF100 processor which was later respun into the GF110(GTX 570/580.) Different processors cannot be used together in a dual card setup. For SLI specifically you need the exact same card. You can't even SLI a GTX 460 1gb with a GTX 460 768mb. The only exception to this is cards that Nvidia simply changed the name of while keeping the exact same processor(ie the 9800GTX & GTS 250.) For ATI cards you CAN crossfire as long as they are based on the same processor.
  6. awesome yea thats what i figured just wrong info from a supposed to be trusted source its still within my return period for the GTX 560 TI so i plan to return it and hunt down another GTX 470 before they completly disappear from the shelves
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