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PC3 Ram in PC2 Ram slot?

I'm going to test this when I get home but figured I would ask here first.

I have 12 GB of ram (6x2gb) PC3 - 10600 that I can't seem to sell. I have a few older computers that use PC2-6400 ram and max out at 8GB (4x2GB). I was wondering if the pc3 10600 ram would work in those slots only at the slower speeds? Are there any risks if it does work?
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    No. PC3 is DDR3 ram. PC2 is DDR2 RAM. They are notched differently and if you try to jam one or the other into another slot you could risk damaging your board.
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  3. Thanks, I did not realize that tidbit. I appreciate the response. Probably would have found that out tonight but you saved me the headache!
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