108 Degrees Celsius 7600GT Question!

I bought a 7600GT AGP from ebay and i got ripped, fan is old and doesnt work but the card does itself. Can this card get damaged for running on such a hot temperature? Can it suffer performance loss in any way? Please please please i need help. I even tried fixing the fan by just opening it up but.. fail(i've opened computer fans many many times and oiled them)!
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  1. 108C will fry the card in a couple hours, its hot enough to star damaging the physical GPU chip, and exceeds the temp rating of any capacitor so they will start failing on your soon if its whole heatsink is getting up to that temp, if its just the GPU portion of the board then you are going to be putting a lot of thermal stress on the board which will damage the PCB itself.

    No matter what, 108C is a very bad temp for a card to be at, either get a refund on that card and get a working one, or you will need to find an aftermarket cooler for it.
  2. Yep, that card will be fried in minutes.
    I suggest returning it to the guy.
  3. Okay so what do you think happened to it? I took out the fan, and cleaned up previous thermal paste, and used my CPU thermal paste for it and i've done it correctly before too on processors. Was this wise?

    So after that, i threw in my card thinking it'd be fine with no fan. "Like theres a difference with that puny ugly little fan anyways." Big time there was. I turned the computer on and pull up PC Wizard '09.... 108*C. Ridiculous. What do you think happened? I had it on for probaby like 5-8 mins. 10 mins MAX, and even that i doubt.
  4. It still ran okay though for the time being and until it shutdown too. I just saw the temps and I got frightened. "Um.. whhooaa lets shut this down right away."
  5. Can i still refund this thing if i took off(and broke, kinda had to) that pointless inoperable fan? Or not? =/
  6. your best bet is to find an aftermarket fan that can be attached somehow. or aftermarket hsf combo.
  7. If it is free, there is no point buying an aftermarket fan for that.
    I haven't seen an AGP aftermarket fan for some time.
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/ATI-NVIDIA-80mm-Geforce-Quadro-VGA-Cooler-Fan-2-Pin-B-/180637250560?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2a0ed1b400#ht_1968wt_1140


    Whats nicer? Do you guys think it'd be worth it and the fans would actually cool it down? I'm deciding to sell this thing. Believe me or not people are watching these good cards and someone will buy this i'm pretty sure. This thing will adequately cool the card under full load atleast 85 or 80 degrees C constant? Thx!
  9. Please could someone give me some info if these fans would be adequate cooling for playing games around Doom 3, UT2004 level?(Light gaming) and 720p vids atleast under 85*C?? I measured the mounting holes center to center and i got 80mm so these fans should fit right? Thats all i need just those couple questions thank you so much!
  10. Quote:
    don't worry the card will thermal throttle at 120 degrees which means it will slow itself down and you will loose performance. Did you look why the fan don't work? Did you check if its plugged in? You can try and buy a 10usd cooling solution for it. There's lots of cheap ones

    Yeah theres two fans i posted a couple boxes up.. It was surely plugged in, the fan was trying to budge but it couldn't.. "The card will thermal throttle at 120 degrees which means it was slow itself down and you will loose performance." Whats that mean? The card will go into a low power state and slow down and lose performance but only temporarily for the time being 100 degrees+ lets say. Right? Are the two fans up theres that i posted adequate cooling for the card? thanks!
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