SSD with asus maximus formula mobo?

hi folks.
am using asus maximus formula mobo, and was wondering if I can use an SSD on it. Is this possible? The SSDs are a little difficult to plug on, as they are not like HDDs (our IT installed the SSD at the office, so I saw that it was NOT a piece of cake - at least not for me).
I'd appreciate if you could put a picture showing the steps or at least a pic of how it should look when it is finished

many thanks in advance.

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  1. If you have SATA connectors on your mobo, you can use an SSD. Installing an SSD is the same as installing a HDD except the SSD is smaller so it may have to mount onto a tray to fit in a hard drive bay. I'm sorry that your tech made it look hard, it really isn't.
    Watch a few youtube videos on installing SSD's, you'll see just what is involved.
    Good luck, enjoy
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