590 GTX vs 580 GTX which should I go for?

Hey guys,

I recently made a 2nd computer since I gave my previous 1 to my gf, and I currrently have a microATX board with a i7 970 in it. I was wondering if I should grab the 580 GTX or the 590 GTX.

If I do grab the 580 GTX I might make add another one by the end of summer or fall.

If I get a 590 GTX I will be keeping it till possibly next summer.

Any thoughts and opinions?

I can get the 590 for 700$ and the 580 GTX for about 500$.

Thank you for your inputs.


Forgot to state some additional Info:

1080p Monitor
-Going 3D for sure, Multi monitor is a maybe
-Computer is mostly used for Gaming, work and making videos and minecraft:D (yes it has its own category)
- I am upgrading from a i7 920 with a 480 GTX w/ water cooling at 950 mhz.

Just to see both what I have and what I had, and what my outcome should be or could be.....lets just say the more the info the better the chance for a response lol:)

Games looking to play in the next 6-8 months: Rage, Duke, portal 2 DIrt 3.

Thanks again

Full System Specs

970 i7 @ 3.2 ghz
6 gigs ram
128 gig SSD OS
90 gig SSD Gaming
2 TB Downloads and storage
150 Raptor Back up soon dead
1000 Watt Corsair PSU
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  1. wow! heavy pockets! =)) ..... you really don't need 590, unless you're using 3 monitors in 3D in 1080P res with highest settings in games... still an overkill... just grab the 580...
  2. Well I am Def going to go 3D, and I have a very low tolerance for screen tearing and sub 60 fps.

    Also I heard that 3D screen tearing is a nightmare:P

    I also want to add that I will be overclocking either card out of box with voltage.
  3. I don't know about screen tearing in 3D, but GTX 580 is good enough for all of your needs and it's going to turn a monster if you overclock it... 590 is just a waste of money, and power whore! =))
  4. So will the 580 GTX justify the move from 480 GTX? Does it overclock really well?
  5. definitely! yes, it does....
  6. hmmm just shy of 20% difference...and this is an over clocked model compared to stock:S the 480 GTX in that chart is at stock.
  7. My HD5850 does 3D on my Panasonic 50" with DDD drivers, works great except when applying AA in some games, then the 1GB memory limit turns it into stutter as if fills the Memory up, You need 2GB GDDR for full smooth 3d with AA in some titles such as Crysis, FarCry2, but games such as FSX and HAWX 1/2 dont!
  8. if you had a 480 @ 950 core you wont be happy with a GTX 580. i think you really should go for the GTX 590.
  9. Derbixrace said:
    if you had a 480 @ 950 core you wont be happy with a GTX 580. i think you really should go for the GTX 590.

    If he wants increased performance, rather than buying a 590, get two 570's. Cheaper, cooler and faster.
  10. 3D Vision is a worthy rationale for getting the GTX 590, otherwise the GTX 580 will serve all your needs comfortably. Don't expect to push the 590 to crazy overvolted levels though. With the 580, there are several custom models that have hit the market that are very interesting, the MSI Lightning, Asus DirectCu and Inno3D Hawk are a some really good ones. Hardware Heaven says the cooler on the Inno3D Hawk is possibly the best they have seen on a high end card:

    "For this test we can see that some tuning has between the GTX 580 being released (our reference card) and Inno3D's HAWK edition as the new card offers lower power use at load. In addition to this the HAWK card also runs much cooler, never rising above 63°C when gaming. That isn't the most impressive aspect of the card though, that is the cooler which is one of the quietest... if not the quietest... that we have heard on a high end card."
  11. bystander said:
    If he wants increased performance, rather than buying a 590, get two 570's. Cheaper, cooler and faster.

    Totally agree, especially at 1080 res.
  12. again I wanted to say thank you for the responds. I browsed through some reviews sites (fell behind on the latest cuz of school) but I am def digging the 590 GTX....what I ended up is this conclusion and please let me know what yout hing.

    I ended up convincing myself to decide on the 580 GTX, since I'll be grabbing it from EVGA, 2 months down the road, I can upgrade to the 590 GTX. 2 months from now if the 590 GTX goes down a bit or has a rebate maybe it will be a good idea?

    I dunno I'm just thinking? or should I skip the hassle?

    Thanks again guys!


    I try to run atleast the standard 4X AA, if I can push the AA more I goes as high as I can while maintaining 60 fps.
  13. i'd just go big right away and get the GTX 590 if you can.

    thats what i would do if i was in your situation.
  14. I can't do the heat of the 480s anymore, and my board is only microATX. Frankly even when I had 2 480s in the case the temp was 94, and I'm not staying with water anymore.

    Its just too much maintenance.

    And when I switch to the 970 i7 I'm also getting rid of my H50 Corsair cooler.
  15. gluck I found it to be not worth the cost or the effort. Especially since I upgrade pretty frequently.
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