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Question about dual channel ram

so i just ordered a new motherboard and processor for my pc.

The new processor i found out has dual channel for ram, with 2 slot supporting ddr2 and 2 slot supporting ddr3 ram. My current pc has ddr2 memory and i bought 2 new ddr3 memory. Can i place my ddr2 memory into the new motherboard as well? If I do will it only run the ddr2 ram since I've heard that the motherboard sometimes will only run the slowest speed ram. Or will this motherboard be able to utilize both ram type?

heres the motherboard:

and heres the processor:

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  1. No you can only use one kind of memory at a time. Either DDR2 or DDR3.
  2. then will i be able to put 2 more dd3 ram into the ddr2 slot? since i want my computer to be 8gb of ram since i only order 2x2gb of ddr3 ram.
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    No. DDR3 works in a DDR3 slot and DDR2 only works in a DDR2 slot. It is keyed differently and will not even fit. You want 8GB with that board get 2 x 4GB. The most the board will support is 8GB. Either 2 x 4GB of DDR2 or 2 x 4GB of DDR3.
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