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I'm looking for a basic entry level gaming computer. I will be using this computer to play HoN, CS, TF2, among other games and other basic functions. My goal is to find the computer that will best suite my needs for under $500. With some limited research I have found two CyberpowerPCs that I was considering, and was looking for some second opinions.

Both of the computers are very similar. They both have the same (AMD Athlon II X2 260) Processor. The main difference between the two is the video card. The first computer has a NVIDIA GeForce GT 520, and the second one has a ATI Radeon HD 6450.

One computer can be found here:

The other computer is found here:

Which computer is the better buy? Are there any comparable alternatives to these two? Any other opinions and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks for looking!
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  1. Those video cards are not entry level they are more for BluRay
  2. Luckily you arent trying to play intensive games, i think HoN is the most intensive of that list. Going by the graphics hierarchy chart the 6450 is two tiers higher than the GT 520 which lands incredibly low on that list,2935-7.html

    The only other difference between them appears to be a 500GB drive vs 1TB drive, if that is the limit of your budget then the $400 one from walmart is your best choice , its hard to fit a homebuilt into that budget due to the $100 for the operating system
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