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I have a coolermster CM690II case with 3 fans installed (from the company)....the front(140mm) & back(120mm) fans are Intake fans..... and the top(120mm) fan set as outtake.....I hv purchased two 140mm fans and want to replace the top fan with these and place the removed fan to the side....Now my question is to place which of these fans as Intake and outtake...?
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  1. Usually Front Intake, Back Exhaust, Top Exhaust as heat rises.

    I tend to belive that side fans tend to disrupt the air flow through a case. My recommendation for that case is 2x120 on the front (Intake), a 140 at the top (Exhaust) and a 120 at the back (Exhaust).

    If you still want to install the side fans use them as Intakes (air blowing into the case) but remember you will not be able to fit the top fan on the side panel with an TALL aftermarket cooler in place.
  2. Thnx for the reply....installed the fans as mentioned by you..... but the temps seem to have raised a bit than the previous setup which is a bit surprising......initially the temps were below 48 degrees ......but after installing two fans at the top temps are now at 51 degrees C...? and i have stock CPU cooler till date.....
  3. Not surprising. A side fan may - or may not - help. The only way to know is too test.

    I have 3 Antec 900 cases. Side fans here interfere with airflow though the cases, resulting in higher temps.
  4. i agree with the feline and serpent, side fan intakes tend to disrupt air flow and can increase temps.

    setting up your case with air coming in the front and leaving the top and back will give you optimal air flow.
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