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Choosing the correct RAM for my build

Hi, I'm doing my first desktop build and I'm wondering about the correct RAM for my board.

I've decided to use the new Intel 3rd Generation i7 - 3770K for my build, and since it is a 1155 socket, I've decided to use Z77 as my chipset.

I'm waiting for the release of the ASUS Maximus V Formula motherboard (which was originally supposed to be a month ago, and then again early this month....still hasn't happened) so that I can take advantage of the build-in liquid cooling structure.

So here is the question: What RAM do I use?

TMatthe Maximus V supports the following memory:

Dual channel, max. 32GB, DDR3 2800(O.C.)/ 2666(O.C.)/ 2600(O.C.)/ 2400(O.C.)/ 2200(O.C.)/ 2133(O.C.)/ 1866(O.C.)/ 1600/1333/ 1066 MHz

I've decided to go with Corsair, and now I need to choose which type. Since the max the board supports is 1600MHz without overclock, do I need to get a RAM that is 1600MHz or less?

I really want to choose the Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB Dual-Channel 1.65V DDR3 Memory. However, this memory is 2400MHz, and I was wondering if this RAM would force the board into overclock because of the high frequency, or if the board would only utilize 1600MHz until I pushed it into overclock?

As you can see, the difference between the two options is quite large, as forcing the board into overclock would surely be bad on the board, whereas utilizing 1600MHz until I overclock it would actually be the effect I am looking for.

Please help me decide the correct type of RAM for this board, and if you think I should use a different type of RAM for my build, I am open to suggestions. However, I am pretty firm on sticking with Corsair, as they offer lifetime warranties, are extremely reliable, and I push my memory pretty hard.

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    The ram should run at 1600 by default.
    I am concerned with the voltage of that particular ram as I have read much to make me weary of using higher than 1.5V ram with IB - and if you want to clock it more... hmmm. I think I would choose this ram personally
    Corsair Dominator GT 16GB (4 x 4GB) 2133
    quad channel, a little slower but at 1.5V, I think a little safer
  2. Thanks for the information on voltage, I'm a little weary about it myself, so I'll probably steer back into the 1.5V range.

    The problem about the ram you suggested is that it is quad channel, whereas the i7-3770K only supports dual channel.

    I'm looking for a dual channel ram that is 1.5V then, and neither the Dominator or Vengeance series seem to support higher than 1866MHz at 1.5V. For the work that I do, 1866MHz is a little on the low side when it comes to power time.

    I know that Intel recommends 1.5V on the Ivy Bridge series, but says that the warranty on the processor will still be valid if you use 1.65V. However, they declare the warranty void if there have been visible burn marks to the processor, and also state that using 1.65V or higher could substantially shorten the lifespan of the processor.

    That information leaves me with a problem. I am looking for ram that is 2133 or 2200 MHz minimum, but I also need it to be 1.5V.

    If anyone knows of ram that meets these requirements, please feel free to post!
  3. After looking around on Corsair's site, the only option I found that fit my parameters was this:

    This is a 8GB set (2 x 4GB), but if I were to buy to sets of this I would have 16GB of 4 x 4GB. I don't know why they don't sell this as a 16GB package and only as an 8GB 2 x 4GB package. I am thinking correctly right? I can use two 2 x 4GB sets to equal one 16GB sets?

    IF I am correct, then the ram will meet both my 1.5V, and 2133MHz requirements, although this option will most definitely not be price efficient.
  4. The only 16GB set listed there is this:
    Unfortunately, the brand is GEIL - this I have never heard of which worries me. I do not want to buy a low quality memory.

    The remaining question I have is if I can use 2 sets of 8GB (2 x 4GB) in conjunction together to make a 16GB ( 4 x 4GB) package. If so, then I can use my previous suggestion of packaging the two Corsair into one.
  5. You can also use the quad channel kit which will simply work as dual channel if the mobo/cpu do not support quad.
    Geil is actually a reputable brand with good reviews like this one (linked to the conclusion page)
    Yes, you should be able to use two identical sets together if you chose to do so.
  6. I actually didn't know you could use quad channel ram in place of dual channel if the board and cpu don't support quad.

    Thank you, you've been really helpful in this discussion and now I'm sure I can select the correct ram for my build!
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