2 different size ram not working


Both pairs work w/o the other pair in the 1 & 2 slots but once you add the pairs together no matter which is in the 1 & 2 it doesnt even get to the bios? Shouldnt this work?
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  1. It really shouldn't work. Ram is picky about who it plays with, main reason ram is sold in kits. Your ram there have different latency speeds which doesn't work well. If you do feel obliged to try to mix and match ram (not really suggested) ensure all speeds and voltages are identical.
  2. Wierddd just tried them 4gb in 1&3 slot (next to eachother) and 2gb in 2 & 4 gb and it works...
  3. See what your system is reporting as ram, if it is recognizing what you have currently installed. If all your ram is recognized in BIOS, set the latency speeds to 9-9-9-24 (if it hasn't been done automatic).
    Cool, weird, but cool.
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