I5 2500k temps

So I just put my system together last night and I am using core temp to monitor my temperatures.

I am using a Cooler master TX3, I am getting temps of 24-28 Celsius at stock speed of 3.3ghz at idle, I used intel burn test and the max temp I got was 56C. My questions are as follows...

1. Why do I get a lower temp, usually 4-5 C cooler on core 0 compared to the other cores?

2. I want to overclock my processor, with these results at stock speeds, how far do you think I can push it?
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  1. you can try 4,5 GHZ but take it step by step. I have my i7 2600k @ 4,2 GHZ. And yes, your core temps are fine, mine vary the same as yours, sometimes 4-5C difference between cores :)
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