My computer needs my SSD to boot up even though it's empty...

Hi everyone,

I'm new to Tom's Hardware and I have a question. I recently finished building my second computer and my dad told me to use Intel(R) Rapid Storage Technology with my HDD and SSD. However, since neither of us have ever attempted anything like this before, we kind of stumbled through the whole setup. The computer's been running fine so far, except for a few problems. The motherboard isn't seeing the SSD as a usable drive, and every time I physically remove it from the system, the computer won't boot up properly. It gets as far as displaying the motherboard logo, then says "Reboot and select proper Boot Device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot Device and press a key". I've done everything I can think of; I've gone into BIOS, changed through the different modes (AHCI, RAID, IDE), and changed the boot device priority to the HDD, but nothing works. Right now, I'm wasting a 64GB SSD, and my dad thinks I should wipe everything a second time and start over again. I really don't want to do that since I've got most everything set up now... I also can't find anything helpful on the Internet. Does anyone know what to do?

Computer specs
Motherboard - MSI H77MA-G43 Micro-ATX
SSD - Crucial 64GB
HDD - Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB
CPU - Intel Core i5
OS - Windows 7 Professional

If you need to know anything else, let me know. Also, I'm 14 so I'm sorry if I ask you to clarify something for me >_<;;

Thank you very much!! ^_^
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  1. Well you set up your SSD as cache for your HDD which speeds it up. Best thing you do is reinstall windows with only the SSD in there and SATA controller in ACHI mode if you want to fix it.
  2. I would reinstall the OS again.
  3. Also I see you set your boot device for the OS. Are you not wanting to put the OS on the SSD ?
  4. Thanks for replying!

    I don't want to put the OS on the SSD because I'm going to use it as a cache for my HDD. That's what the Intel Rapid Storage Technology does.
    But now the computer won't boot up properly at all... My dad had changed the boot priority to the optical drive, and when I changed it back to the HDD, it didn't work. I think I'll just reinstall the OS like you guys said and re-do the Rapid Storage Technology.

    Thanks! ^_^
  5. It is a waste to have 64GB drive as Cache for a HDD + you get more performance out of the OS using the SSD as individual drive.
  6. yea forget the cache drive, just load your OS on it, it'll be faster anyway
  7. Think you are confusing terms. Rapid Storage Technology is a RAID manager, Smart Response Technology is the SSD cache for a HDD.

    At any rate, that drive should be big enough for the OS and a couple programs.
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