Computer not booting after PSU upgrade

I recently bought a corsair 650w tx2 to upgrade my pc, however after fitting it and plugging everything in when I press the on button it will turn on for about a second then shut off. Couple of seconds later turn on and shut off again etc
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  1. Have you tested all the connections are made properly?
  2. If you mean they are in correctly I guess so, I tried it with just the mobo and CPU and it did the same
  3. Looks like a faulty PSU to me. :(
  4. Godammit D: just my luck.. First time doing this sort of thing. Is there anyway to test without a tester, could I try it in a different computer?
  5. Is there any Voltage Selection switch behind the PSU? If yes, make sure it is set to the proper voltage level for your country.

    North America and Japan use 110/115v, while Europe and many other countries use 220/230v.
  6. yeah u can try it in a different computer.
  7. D: it's only in one computer the 2nd one runs fine..
  8. Well I put the old PSU in the comp again and that worked. So it's just new PSU with that comp.. Where does that leave me?
  9. Lfluxx said:
    Well I put the old PSU in the comp again and that worked. So it's just new PSU with that comp.. Where does that leave me?

    Well that leaves you with a working computer and a PSU that needs to be RMAed. Are you sure the new PSU has enough juice to drive your setup? Seems like your old one does (though it may be over-stressed with your upgraded system). If you'd like post your full system specs.
  10. I'm upgrading the system gradually to get eyefinity, I had a 450w generic PSU that came with the comp so it's now 650W so that should definitely work.

    Mobo. Foxconn p55a
    CPU i5 650
    4x2gb crucial ram
    PSU old : cwt 450w
    PSU new : corsair 650w tx2 enthusiast series
  11. Anyone? D:
  12. Lfluxx said:
    Anyone? D:

    So your new 650W PSU works in one computer but not in the other? Are you hooking up all the cables that are necessary? Graphics cards sometimes need cables, the motherboard often has multiple cables, etc. etc. Sorry if I'm being redundant but if the PSU is indeed functioning properly in one machine, then you must not be hooking it up properly to the other machine. What graphics card/cards are you using in the machine that won't work?
  13. Ati 5570 ATM, I set it up exactly the same as the other PSU yet it doesn't work, when I unplug everything as in ram gfx and all that it still does the same, turns on for a second then shuts off and gets stuck in a circle.
  14. I think I know the problem, on newegg someone posted that the seasonic x series PSU s were incompatible. And I think one of the reviews for the tx2 said it was basically a seasonic x. So I'll take that back and see if I can get a different one to work :/
  15. I have 2 suggestions for you.

    1-check cables and re-arrange all cables again.
    1-check monitor power cable and your stabilizer.
  16. It's k, The mobo is incompatible with Seasonic X Series, Which i believe the TX2 in the flesh is, im going to try a different PSU if not, the mobo is going in the bin early.
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