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I just purchased and installed this motherboard and went to use skype and was told I was hard to hear. I have searched various forums for a fix to this problem and been unsuccessful, even here the question is not really answered.

I have maxed the volumes in skype, realtek audio manager, in windows (including the gain control). I am using Win 7 x64.

I know one option would be to use the realtek driver direct from realtek but I thought I would ask again if there is another solution that just increases microphone volume. I have contacted ASUS as well and I might add what a horrible experience that was. There support site is absolutely appalling - don't buy ASUS.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Just install the latest drivers for the realtek audio and try again. You can use the realtek driver from realtek or the latest one for the Sabertooth, if you still have problems you may want to update your bios.
  2. You have not stated what Mic hardware you are using and it would be nice to see some screen shots of the setup screens. If you have more then one device (Mics) plugged in it could reduce the sound output in half.

    Go to the windows control panel (Sound) device (Recordings) tab and setup the mic you are using. As you can see i am using the Mic on the Camera and not the Mic i could have plugged into the PC Jack.
    Capture 020 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr

    Setup the default device and set the setting for the MIC. If you double click the MIC in the Recording tab, you should be able to set the sound level there also. If you select the Mic in this list you can then select the config button and it may help set your default levels for that hardware.
  3. To answer both of these replies:

    1/ the latest drivers and bios are installed.

    2/ The mic hardware is Senic which I chose after trialling 3 different microphones on the same PC.
    I have only 1 microphone to choose, not 2 as per your jpeg.
    Double clicking as suggested brings up indows gain which is/was already set to full.

    In the last 1 month I went from a Creative sound card to plain realtek and then to Asus realtek (unrelated motherboard issue), each time change has led to a loss of volume so i am pretty sure its not a mic hardware issue as it has remained a constant.

    Volume should not need to be at maximum in a quite residential setting - no kids, no TV no pervading noises etc. It is noticeable to the people I regularly skype/vent with - they are the people who complain as I cant hear my own input.

    Here is the helpful reply from ASUS: (2nd reply in full)

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Do you mean that the latest drive on asus site can not help, but the version of realtek can help?
    You can just use that drive, as our drive is provide by the vendor.

  4. Well if all you have is the windows Volume control with the 20db gain check box then your MIC has no driver installed and when the MIC is selected in the Sound window above you do not have the option to select the configure button, and configure the MIC. If you could configure the MIC hardware the software gain setting (registry adjustment) would be adjusted to make the MIC work correctly.
  5. Rainey, I don't think I understand what you are saying, in an effort to clarify there are 2 microphone volume controls: (A) the first is accessed through Realtek HD Audio Manager and is essentially the microphone driver, (B) the second is accessed through the sound window (per the image you posted above).

    Apropos item B, the sound window, there are 2 options to choose: (AA) Properties, accessed through the properties button or by double-clicking the microphone in the list of devices and (BB) Configure accessed through the configure button.

    Apropos AA, among other options there is a Levels tab which provides a gain slider and a boost slider. Apropos BB, this gives access to Windows voice control options and has no bearing on microphone volume. I might add that if I use the setup functions here Windows does not detect my voice when I speak at a normal conversation level.

    Are you suggesting there is another way to increase mic volume through a registry adjustment?
  6. The Realtek Audio manger is not a MIC driver, it has a MIC input jack maybe, You would have a Record Volume Level that you could adjust in the RealTek Audio Manager.
    You said you had a Senic MIC i could not find any info on that MIC. I must be a plain MIC you plug into the MIC jack and dose not have any driver that could support better features.

    Here is some screen shots of the MIC that is build into my Logictech Camera.

    Here is what i get if i select my MIC in the Control Panel Sound dialog and then select the Configure button. Do you also get these choices and have you run the "Set up Microphone" task for your MIC.
    Capture 022 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr

    If i select the Setup Microphone task i get the next window and then some others, this is where windows tweaks the registry to make the Microphone Volume the correct level as it asks you to speak and it detects if it can hear you good enough and shows you feedback of your voice. If yours is failing at this step then you do not have the right type of Microphone for the Jack it is plugged into, or windows is not selecting the correct MIC jack that your MIC is plugged into (Something is wrong with the setup).
    Capture 023 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr

    In the Control Panel Sound dialog Commincatiuons tab Try and change these as it may be effecting your volume.
    Capture 028 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr

    Here is what i get if i select my MIC and then select the Proprieties button
    Capture 024 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr
    Capture 025 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr
    Capture 026 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr
    Capture 027 by #2 Stooge, on Flickr

    These 4 above dialogs are features of my MIC that are provided by the MIC/Audio card driver not standard windows.
  7. I have every screen that you posted above. In the microphone setup section windows only detects my voice if I have my microphone an inch or 2 from mouth not within the 50cm that it recommends, with all the volumes at maximum. I note that your microphone level is set at 43 which is what I would expect mine it to be around.

    I have not seen a microphone with its own driver and the microphone connector is the standard (3/8 th fitting I think) found on all PCs.
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