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This is my new computer. Built by me :D My first computer build. Im very happy with how it turned out. No, its not perfect but I did have a budget and im a noob computer builder.

Here are the specs.

Cooler Master Elite 430 MID TOWER Case
Asus Sabertooth P67 Motherboard
Intel Core i5-2500k CPU
Corsair H60 Liquid CPU cooler
Corsair 750 PSU
G.Skill 2x 2GB Ram 1600
WD 500GB hard drive (will add additional hard drive if needed)
ASUS DVD-RW optical drive
ASUS 23" 1080P HD Monitor
5 120mm fans, (2 on H60 Radiator, 1 on door, 1 infront, 1 exhaust on top)
1 50mm Motherboard assist fan
Windows 7 64bit.

Total cost - $1500ish

Here are some pictures. Yes the cable management sucks but im using a non-modular PSU and a mid tower case so cable management is difficult.

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  1. Wow, very classy system. Case is a tiny bit lacking (would have preferred HAF 912) but otherwise top notch. You should post some pics over in this thread!
  2. Looks pretty boss. Could have gone with a lower-wattage power supply: this thing is OP for one 570, which would be happy with 500 or 550, and not quite enough for 2, which would take 800 or 850.
  3. Actually a TX750 can run 2 570's easily. The GPU's themselves only run around 400w. Add another 150w for the CPU and rest of the system and you still have a nice 200w overhead.
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