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Hey all,

Considering gaming at 5760x1080 (3*1920x1080) and am wondering whether crossfire 6950 will cut it, or if i should go for a 6970 CF or even a 570 SLI.

Also if you've had any Eyefinity experiences you'd like to share let me know,

Thanks again!
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  1. Crossfired HD6950s should do quite well but make sure they are the 2gb model. Something to keep in mind is that the HD6950 can actually be unlocked into an HD6970 so it isn't really a tough decision;
  2. I was of the belief that it's a 6950 for a reason (some people have gotten errors and artifacts) with the flash...
    I was looking at MSI twin frozr II 6950, and then OC it a bit...
    I still havent decided whether or not to get an eyefinity setup... suppose the black bars might pose as a distraction?
  3. There's a rather detailed chart of success rates for unlocking the card included in the link I posted above. Outside of the Sapphire card which has some issues the odds of there being a problem are quite low. If you want to be extra safe you can just unlock the cores and keep the core/memory speeds the same.
    As for Eyefinity there are a ton of youtube videos showing it in action that should help you decide if it is right for you. Here are a few examples;
  4. The Dragon Age Origins video sold me in about 5 seconds [:bohleyk:1]
    I've been reading around and found that the Twin Frozr II doesn't unlock at all, now it simply comes down to what brand to choose from, obviously cooling is essential (Maybe a Shaman after-market cooler? not sure if it is compatible with crossfire) XFX Seems to have the best success to error ratio...
    wondering if this is a reference card (heard AMD had started to pull the bios switch models)

    Other than that the extra cooling on the ASUS EAH DCII might be a good choice, although am unable to find out whether this is unlockable

    Thanks again!
  5. According to one of the customer reviews on newegg the DirectCu II does have the BIOS switch;
    Also according to techpowerup the Twin Frozr III is dual BIOS as well and can be unlocked. The same doesn't apply to the Twin Frozr II however.
    As for the XFX card you linked if it has a single fan at the back of the card like that it is the reference model.
  6. Thanks for your help, will see if any Twin Frozr III's pop up before i order!
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