Emachine t3256 Major Problems.

Hey guys so I have a Emachine t3256 and I have been having some major problems lately and now the system seems to have a complete failure.

Recently I have been experiencing blue screen crashes with no monitor signal. Random system reboots along with 2-3 second beeps afterwards and the only solution I had was to turn it off and be patient. And most of the time it would go back to normal. What I have been noticing is these symptoms wouldn't happen nearly at all when I would have my computer running for a week + 24/7. It all starts to come back when I turn my computer off for the night and what not. Recently my computer hasn't been on 24/7 and the symptoms are coming back and now it beeps from the second I turn it on.. with no monitor signal at all. I want to say its a power supply problem but I'm not sure. Any feed back would be great thanks.
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  1. Sounds like the psu is taking a crap. You could always reformat and see if that makes a difference, and if not look into getting a new psu.
  2. I would reformat if i could but I cant see anything on the monitor anymore.
  3. If the PSU did go out, is it possible for it to damage other components?
  4. I second the PSU going bad. Both e-machines I bought for my sister in-law both had power supplies that died. The first one took out the MB. The second one worked OK after PSU replacement.
  5. Okay well I just replaced the PSU and now the beeming is gone, but there is still no signal to the monitor.
  6. Along with an aftermarket video card with still no signal and I tryed using the standard built in video card and still nothing.
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