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Hello, I have a rare wi fi router, direct tv provided me with it all I found is Mobile WiMAX CPE. It also says manufactured by Myungmin Systems. I'd like to know the factory credentials to access the router, because my brothers forgot the wi fi password. Thank you so much in advance
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  1. You'll need to consult the literature which came with the router (may be on CD) for the default password. If your brother has changed the default you will need to press the reset button to restore defaults.
  2. Yeah well.. thing is that the manual nor the cd were around, just in case, this router is provided in Argentina with the DirectTV service and the default credentials are admin / admin. (After calling 3 times the provider, they finally gave me the answer) As for the manufacturer's site... is Korean or something and it has no manuals
    Thank you fihart for your help
  3. Sorry couldn't be more help. ISP's assume you'll use their hardware on defaults and that nobody reads the manual.
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