High budget build (expected $2000ish)

I'm helping a friend with his new computer build. He has no real budget but expects to pay around $2000.

-Adobe video apps
-1920x1080 screen

-nvidia (he won't reconsider)
-prefers a single graphic card solution
-performance and acoustics are important. looks don't matter.
-upgradeability if the price is right

Here's what we have so far:
i7-2600k - oced (i7 cause he doesn't only game)
GIGABYTE GA-Z68X-UD7-B3 - This might get downgraded to their $270 one if he doesn't like the price at the end.
590 - he can get one of these from microbytes
12GB corsair vengence - this amount make sense for video encoding apps?
CM silent pro 1000w - Very open to changing this. Focus is on the noise and preferably the 1 KW.
2TB WD caviar black hdd
Liteon blu-ray burner

What i need help with:

SSD: is smart response an acceptable solution? What's a decent drive for this?
If smart response isn't very good - what's a good 80GB or so SSD for holding windows, adobe apps and office?
Should he use an ssd and smart response the hdd?

CPU fan: i have a cm-hyper 212 in mine and it works great for me. For him it's too loud (at least the default fans are). What's a quiet cooler that will handle 4.2-4.7GHz? also it can't bump into the ram which is relatively high.

I appreciate any help, opinions or comments, thx.
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  1. ^ Possibility of going with 590 SLI later on?? Also if you see, GTX 570 SLI performs similar to the GTX 590 and costs ~$100 less,...

    Some suggestions -
    Dont go with Tri-Channel kit, the Z68 boards are Dual-Channel so populate either 2 or 4 RAM slots to get the advantage of Dual-Channel config, so either 8GB or 16GB,...
    And somehow newegg has priced this kit very less, so better to make the purchase soon if building within somedays,...

    SSD - You can go RAID 0 with 2 of these,...

    Cooler - If he wants a quiet cooler with very effective cooling, then Noctua would be a very good option, but price is a factor,... Also with the above said RAM, I doubt you would have clearance issues,... But if still skeptical that if all 4 RAM slots will be populated and it might block, then get a cooler like the Corsair H60,... No clearance issues, would perform like a mid-range air cooler,...
  2. If he's unhappy with the performance (not really possible unless he gets a bigger monitor) he might think about something like sli 590s. Otherwise, i'd expect him to just upgrade to one or two newer gpus in a few years... unless an extra 590 is the best option whenever he decides to upgrade. So, yeah i tried to keep it capable of sli 590s but some things might get downgraded like the mobo and psu. Actually will a 1000W psu even run two 590s?

    ok, changed the ram to 8 gb of sniper, thanks.

    Is raiding ssds going to make that much difference? I'd lean towards a slightly bigger one as well.

    This noctua? looks good. he wants to stay away from liquid cooling.
  3. ^ Actually 1000W is just about enough to run GTX 590 SLI, but if overclocking high is in the cards, then maybe a slightly bigger PSU,... But I see no point going 590 SLI as it would become a Quad-SLI which is not supported by most of the games, also by that time, there would be even more powerful cards which will have better performance,...

    SSD - RAID 0 would nearly double the performance of the SSDs, also you get about 120GB in RAID 0 which IMO would suffice for OS, important apps and some games,...

    Cooler - That H60, though is a water cooling unit, but is self-contained and maintenance free, so you dont have to meddle with it,... but if he really insists, then its fine,...
  4. oh, right. raid 0 keeps capacity, forgot that. And that mobo can raid without any extras right?
    Also, am i right in assuming smart response is for those who don't want to buy more than a 40GB ssd?
  5. ^ Yes, the smart response is mainly for SSDs of low capacity,... Even if going with 30GB, you can just install the OS onto it directly instead of going for Smart Response,...
  6. Corsair just released vengeance LP (low profile) without the high heatsinks which might help fitting with the cooler.
  7. Can anyone recommend a decent priced case that:
    -has decent cooling (especially gpu area)
    -is quiet (too many cases come with cheap loud fans)
    -can fit the 590

    looks don't matter much.

    Also, whats a good site for comp case reviews? The ones on Tom's are minimal and browsing newegg seems endless.
  8. Ok, the build has been downgraded. Decided to save money by not leaving room to sli 590s.

    i7-2600k with Noctua cooler
    GIGABYTE GA-Z68XP-UD3P - The differences i can see btw this and the $270 one are very minimal. Anyone see any reason to buy the $270 one? besides a few extra ports.
    16GB G.SKILL sniper 1866
    HX750 - CM silent pro is now sold out and he also doesn't need 1000w unless he does 590 sli. 750 is enough for a single gpu sli config right?
    2 x 2TB WD caviar black hdd
    1 x crucial m4 64GB - decided 64GB should be enough
    Liteon blu-ray burner

    Still need a case.

    Anything wrong so far?
  9. just for fun i built nearly this exact setup on cyberpower and it actually came out cheaper...
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