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iv been trying to play LoL- legue of legends. but it pops up that my g-card dont support shader 2.0. i hav a 400mx nivide geforce 2 ,1gb of ram, intel pentium-r4 2.60 Gh. and i made sure that my drivers r up2date but it still wont work. and i can even play WoW wit out a problem but i just cant figure this out.
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  1. The reason your getting that message is because (shock, horror!) your graphics card doesn't support pixel shader 2.0, I don't think it supports pixel or vertex shader at all from what I can find when doing a quick google.
    Your PC is very outdated, I'd recommened building yourself a new PC if you want to game.
  2. ^There's your problem. Your PC is about 10 years out of date.
  3. If you replace the graphics card try to get one that at least supports shader model 3. I assume you have an AGP graphics card so a replacement card may be a bit expensive as the graphics card will be worth more than the computer. So you have to ask yourself the question is it worth upgrading your graphics card or get a new computer.
  4. a very low end new computer with just onboard intel video would be better.
  5. Question: Does the OP even HAVE an AGP slot? I mean, Geforce2MX? Thats REALLY old, and PCI to boot.
  6. i hav a radeon 9800 also but it still says the same thing
  7. Where as the Geforce 2 does not support shader model 2 the Radeon 9800 does support shader model 2. Try a benchmark program such as 3D mark 2003 to test this. You may need to update the graphics driver
  8. i have. i went to the ati website and got the most uptodate drivers for it and i can play other games that require shader but when i try to play LoL its still pops up
  9. Have you installed the latest version of DirectX9 ? this may help as the Radeon 9800 should be capable of running the League of Legends.
  10. i hav directx10
  11. Try reinstalling the game.

    I remember I received some type of weird graphics related error the first time I install Crysis 1. Reinstalling the game got rid of the issue.
  12. Searching on the web I see that you are not alone in not being able to get LOL working with the 9800. I think that LOL will work with your graphics card under Windows XP but under Windows7 or Vista the cards graphics driver does not fully support WDM 1.0.
  13. you really should just be running windows XP with that setup with dx9. Windows 7/vista will just bog it down.
  14. i hav xp pro
  15. You said that you had Directx10, you can only get this in Vista or Windows 7. If you have Windows XP update your DIRECTX9.
  16. Xgoldensunsx said:
    i hav xp pro

    you have direct x 10 and you have xp? well these things dont coexist together. dx10 is a feature of windows 7 and vista only. FFS stop trolling.
  17. o it must be a left over had vista but it waz real slow cause i did hav the ram for it at the time so i went back to xp but i dident do a wipe when reinstalled xp so i still hav some files from when i had vista
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