Adding a JUSB1 socket for my extra USB 3.0 port?

This is contrary to most USB 3 adapter needs, but I'm looking for a way to ADD a 20-pin connector to my computer.

I have a HAF X with an MSI P67-GD65 motherboard (which came with a rear USB 3.0 panel). I had to get a replacement front panel, and when I got it, they had changed a few things. One of those things is my USB 3.0 front panel ports. Originally they hooked up through the back via the rear USB 3 inputs. However now it connected to JUSB1 on the board. The cable itself is too short, my graphics card gets in the way and almost bent some pins off of it (scarey!). Luckily no permanent damage was done, but I decided to keep the rear panel (which I previously had connected to it) hooked up to JUSB1.

It got me thinking, since my cable is too short, and I don't want to modify the front panel in any way (it seems like I could however I'm not entirely sure and I just got a new one :) ). Is there a way to add a second "JUSB1"? Maybe through a PCI or SATA adapter?

I previously posted on reddit with no luck, but here's the link anyway because it has some examples of what I don't need. Reddit Post

Any adapter I'm getting would in theory increase my USB 3.0 ports from 4 to 6. If there is a splitter, it's out of the question (I'm afraid it might overload it).

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Close but I can't tell if it has a 20-pin socket up top or not. I don't need two internal USB ports, I need another 20-pin socket.
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